month ender

This will be the first time I’m gonna post a realization entry. It’s quite hard for me because I am not used to it. I’ve decided to write this kind of post every month. I’ll share the things I realized and learned.

I cannot say that the month of June was just a plain nothing. Yep. In 30 days I’ve learned things that are new to me and they are really a big help for me. Many things did happen, small problems, major problems and short comings.

i. There’s no one who can help us with our problems better than our friends, our family. I realized this when I opened up to my brother one of my problems. My brother gives good advices. One thing that I will not forget is that when he told me this “Regeel, hindi mo alam ang ngyayari”. I was really taken a back. The thought that I knew everything was just a  pure lie. My brother and I don’t share problems with each other. I realized that even if you don’t directly tell them your problems, they will help you solve them. They will comforf you. You will find peace when they help you because you know that they will do their best to solve it and make you feel better. Family first then friends.

ii. How to control my emotions. I am open about this issue about myself.  I am not really good wity dealing with my own emotions. When i reached the peak of my emotions, I outrage. I pour out everything what’s on mind without thinking the result of it or if it may hurt someone . The aftermath of my actions  will always be the worst. At the end, I get into a fight. I realized that i should know my limitations, I should know how to respond to my emotions because at the end of the day, it is just me who will be the loser.

iii. Future. Seriously,  if you’d ask me if I am excited with my future and college life, I’d answer yes. Yes, but to the point of me being independent scares me. Because temptations are everywhere and I might do stupid things that may bring me no good. I think no one is ready enough to face the future not until you are already there, no one knows what life may bring forth. Future will always be a big question to us. But one thing, we should always be ready to face them with courage and we will never lose our path.

iv. I need to be focused. Specially in my studies. I am lucky that I am studying in a Lasallian school. I am just a happy go lucky student. “Maka pasa lang ayos na” that is actually the famous line for hs students right? BUT I think it’s time for a change. We cannot depend on our classmates letting us copy the assignments. Three years from now I’ll be in college and college is a different thing from high school. And three years will pass by so fast. I think it is really a need for me to change the way I look at it.

v. Learn how to say sorry. I am the type of a person who is “mapride”. I tell you, being “mapride” isn’t that easy. The thought you wanna say sorry but you just can’t because you are waiting for them to say sorry first. Yes, I am not used in saying sorry bec most of the time I don’t mind about it. Its about time to be more sensitive and take the first step. Bring down your pride and everything will be fine.

vi. Talk about your problems with your friends. There are actually problems that we can only confide to our friends. Earlier, we had a sharing in values class. I actually cried because I have something here I cannot open up with my family. Don’t be shy to cry infront of your friends. It shows that you trust them. Crying out your burdens feel so good.

I learned a lot. I am looking forward to learn more about life. This is not yet the end. Every day new learnings and these lessons should be applied and treasured.

The last days of February

The last days of February part three: Month-ender Dinner 

This ones the last part of my TLDF series and I’m thinking of making this into a blog segment. Hopefully, Id have another set of these posts in the coming months to come. Yay! What dyou guys think? :)

The month-ender dinner with the girlfriends was at a new place in town named Honeybee (or was that Honeybeechick I’m sorry I wasn’t really sure, hihihi). It was a boodle fight (opsy! stating the obvious) kind of grill. We ordered the basic, thats good for 3-4 persons. The place and the food we’re okay for me, it has not reach my expectations tho but its all right since they we’re just starting and probably trying if it would click in the public. Anyways, the pals is all that matters really. We ate hungrily and talked about the cultural show that happened earlier that day and more about random stuff. It was a mediocre dinner made special with the bond that we have. That had become full-blown esp in the past weeks and for that I'am more than grateful. 



January Wrap-Up

Welcoming the love month with a month ender post about the things that happened in January.

As you all know, I am living a mundane life and I have the most boring school-dorm life ever so nothing much happens to me but for this month, I had the most amazing catch-up date and some funny and memorable stage experience.

I feel like my date with my best friend happened ages ago and I’m starting to miss her already. But I hope we’ll see each other this month again. HIHI *fingers crossed while saving money*

I’ve already shared enough of my singing career *LOL* in my recent post about overcoming my fears and I have shared the LQ video with you so here are some HQ photos (with the title of the songs I sang) I grabbed from facebook that was taken by my good friend paparazzi Jobie Tuscano (and Linus De Guzman).

Really, that was all that happened. I hope I’ll have more to share by the end of February.