On days when thin rain falls like today,
I remember your shadow. 
Our memories that I secretly put in my drawer,
I take them out and reminisce by myself

For Nami-Nee (@duckiesteasmiles). ❤


aw heck, what’re these? Here’s a sneaky deaky preview of my @theadventurezine submission, and my artist icon for good measure. What could that spicy little wizard up there be so worried about?

The Adventure Zine Generosity campaign will be launching in a matter of days! I’ll be posting about it so you guys can learn about the Facing Hunger charity and the zine itself! Get hyped, friends!!!

Back to work!!

As you all know, I’ve been creating art for years now, and now there’s a good chance I can do it full-time! Probably from September on.

What does this mean?

Commissions will be back, with more slots and more categories than before. I’m planning to offer chibis, character sheets, tattoo/t-shirt designs, guild banner designs, large group pictures (3+ characters), and basically anything you’re interested in. I don’t think prices for already existing categories will go up, I’m still trying to figure out the pricing for new categories. Also we’ll have a nice wait list too so no one has to worry that they miss my commission openings.

And finally, I want to thank everyone for their support over these years and I hope I can count on you in the future as well so I can finally do Responsible Adult Things and continue to provide content you like!

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also while I am thinking intensely about my beautiful Dragon Age husband whom I am legally married to in a court of law probably, I also want to say that it is objectively bullshit that he has as many abs as he does without his armor on. that is a man who absolutely no question has at least enough chub that he can squish his stomach to make it talk. like don’t be naive. look at him. that is a man who has a special voice he uses for his talking tummy fat which also obviously talks about Alistair in the third person as the people who love him question that decision 

They dock at a waterlogged planet nearby one of their recent successes against the Galra, battle-weary and tired and ready for a break, even if it doesn’t last long and responsibilities still lay heavy on their minds.  It rains a lot on this planet, so Keith isn’t surprised when Shiro and the others go to bed without so much as stepping foot outside.

Later, when Keith’s lying in bed, listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops against the ship fade into silence, he isn’t surprised to find the sound soon replaced by footsteps down the hall.

He doesn’t find Lance at first, but instead finds footsteps in the mud outside the ship.  His first thought is anger, because who else would be stupid enough to wander into a foreign planet alone at night?  But he’s tired, so he simply follows the trail.

Five minutes later, and Keith finds himself at the shore of some small sort of pond.  There’s a figure swimming a ways off of the shore, gracefully sliding through the water as if it’s second nature, and Keith’s a little bit transfixed by the beauty of the motion.  So he sits, and says nothing, and watches.

Lance gets tired after a while (Keith doesn’t know exactly how long it’s been, whether it’s been a few minutes or an hour) and heads back to the shore.  He stills slightly at the sight of someone sitting there, but upon realizing who, grins and makes his way over.

“You scared me,” he accuses.

Keith frowns.  "You left the ship alone in the middle of the night.“

"Are you my mom, enforcing curfew?”  Lance laughs when Keith makes a face, opening his mouth to protest.  He reaches out a hand.  "Hey, come in.  It feels great.“

Keith chews his lip, glancing sidelong at the ripples in the water.  "No, thanks.”

“Oh, please.  I think you deserve some time to relax.”  He takes a step closer to Keith, grabbing a couple of pebbles from the bottom of the pond and running them through his fingers.  "You were just sitting in your room, not sleeping anyways, because you just worry about things all the time.  Come in the pond.  Float a bit.  Don’t think about things.“

Keith tries to ignore the fact that Lance has hit the nail on the head with that one, and instead pulls his knees to his chest, wrapping his arms around them.  "I would,” he admits slowly, “but I can’t.  Er, can’t swim, that is.”

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I’m finishing drawing #4 tonight if it kills me