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You own a bakery and before 2 days ago I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a pumpkin pie

pairing: yoongi + reader
word count: 4943
part of the miracles in october collab with @neoworks

Yoongi can’t believe that Namjoon talked him into doing this. Granted, it’s not a completely ridiculous unreasonable request but it’s just barely enough to let the weight of responsibility sink Yoongi back to the ground where he just wants to spend the rest of the evening. But of course, Namjoon did not allow it, practically forcing Yoongi to drive to this bakery and pick up some god awful pie that Yoongi is sure to hate himself so what is even the fucking point?

He glares at the bakery, the shop wedged in the middle of this relatively busy shopping, entertainment, downtown intersection, the cars whirling in the background as handfuls of people walk around him either with a purpose or serving as a pastime in order to communicate with friends. The shop is innocent enough—small with more than enough windows to see through into the interior of the store. He sees fall decorations hung up along the walls, in the glass displays showing off the collection of pies they sell, hanging from the ceiling. He doesn’t see anyone behind the cash rep counter, but the sign hanging against the window reads back OPEN.

He takes in a breath, reassures himself that this will just be a quick pick up, an easy in easy out sort of situation, hoping the worker wouldn’t gush about the upcoming holiday and autumn season just to try and lure some sort of conversation out of him given he’s always hated people like that, and nudges open the shop door. The bell overhead rings, immediately making an announcement to his presence as Yoongi remains rooted near the door frame.

For a moment, nothing happens and he has half a mind to walk out and make Namjoon deal with the issue, when there is a noise from the back kitchen. “I’ll be with you in a second!” A voice chimes through the air, light and soft that Yoongi almost feels his heart drop at the sound. There is another second that passes, before you emerge from the kitchen, apron with the company logo wrapped around your waist, your hair tied up into a bun, and a bright smile across your lips. “Hi there,” You greet, approaching the counter and staring at Yoongi. “What can I help you with today?”

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issa sneak peek! …. of something i’m working on for Zutara Month. a soulmate au or whatever. bc i haven’t posted anything original in a long time.  

The first time it happens, he wishes it hadn’t.

He’s heard stories from Uncle, who loved his wife dearly before her untimely death.

Shira is his soulmate, he says, his heart and his soul. He misses her. Sometimes, he still dreams of her. Sometimes, he still sees the future they were meant to have together, as their destinies are forever entwined, even from the grave.

Zuko finds it annoying; not the idea of love, so much as the idea that invisible strings tie him to someone else… as if anyone should be forced to love him.

He fights against it, argues with Uncle about the truth of it, until—

She’s beautiful, that Water Tribe girl.

She holds herself with an air of confidence, standing in the snow with dyed-blue furs and brown moccasin boots. Her hair weaves around her shoulders and down her front in a long plait, the color of chocolate; and her skin, it reminds Zuko of chestnuts. The cold tints her nose with a touch of pink, while her eyes spark with a fiery blue, like she’s angry.

For a long moment, Zuko can’t fathom why.

For a long moment, all he sees is her smile, and the way her eyes light up over gifts of lavender soap… even though she much prefers the pine-scented stuff he keeps on the ledge of the palace’s largest bath.

Then, that smile vanishes, shattering the mirage in his head.

He watches the girl shake her head, her eyes on the snow, her brows pulled down with confusion. When that gaze snaps up, sharp and violent and locked on his, Zuko’s gut sinks.

Through all her strength, he recognizes fear— and he’s the cause of it.

Zuko lets go of the old woman trapped in his grasp. He curses the spirits and sends her stumbling back towards the girl.

Fire leaps from his fingers then, and Zuko snarls, “I know you’re hiding him!”

Surely, it isn’t her.

Surely, the fates of the world wouldn’t be so cruel to her.

this is a picture that i personally think sums up my life with adhd.

to back up the truck a bit, hi! my name’s carley, i’m 18, a freshman in college, and was diagnosed with adhd-pi this past summer.

my journey with adhd has been waaaay longer than i realized until i got a diagnosis. all throughout school i was that “gifted kid who didn’t try hard enough.” teachers, friends, parents, everyone told me how smart i was, but they didn’t understand why i wouldn’t just apply myself. so my whole life i just thought i was lazy, a bad student, and a whole list of other things a lot of us adhd-ers end up believing. of course, this caused a lot of emotional grief and mental health problems that could’ve been avoided had anyone suggested that i might have adhd.

as you might expect, high school was the worst four years of my life. being the smart kid, i always took advanced classes, which means more work that i couldn’t handle, and it wasn’t like middle school anymore where i could just coast by with good test/project grades and completely ignore my homework. every few months when my parents would check my grades, we would end up getting into heated arguments where i would beg and plead them to listen to me, that it’s really that hard for me, that it’s not just laziness. but no, in the end i always ended up being labelled lazy, apathetic, and a liar.

this went all the way up until i graduated from high school, and now i had plans to go to university. i was over the moon about the freedom, and i didn’t even think to consider that school is school and i don’t exactly have the best track record. i’d been seeing a therapist, and one session i vented to her about how i’ve always struggled with schoolwork, base my self-worth completely on my academic performance (hence why i had such low self-esteem), etc. and for the first time in my life i heard, “hmm… maybe you have adhd.” if it hadn’t been for that therapist, i wouldn’t have made the effort to get in touch with my doctor and get tested. and guess what? i have adhd!

now that i’m medicated, my life is so much better. maybe it’s not perfect, and adhd is still a struggle, but it’s so much better than it used to be. my depression and anxiety have become way smaller problems than they were, school is a lot easier for me (but it’s still hard…), and i just feel a lot better about myself. i’m still the quirky oddball i always have been, and i own my adhd very proudly because it makes me who i am, and i’m lucky to have friends and family who support me and love me for who i am. of course, my parents (dad and stepmom, the ones i always fought with) don’t believe me, but i don’t let that stop me from getting the help i know i need. 

i could write a book and a half more, but i think i’ll stop it here since i know how difficult it is to read something longer than a paragraph sometimes.

happy adhd awareness month, and best of luck to everyone diagnosed or undiagnosed! your experiences matter and i’m proud of the progress you make every day!


Task Update, Halloween Prep, and Recall Work!

We’re gradually increasing the difficulty of VSEPR’s “shut it!” cue so I can give it to him from a distance and he goes and does it without me having to stand right by the door with him, making it an actually useful task rather than just a cool party trick.

Halloween can be a scary time for people and dogs alike so we’ve been desensitizing to weird costumes and scary masks, I thought this would be more of an issue for VSEPR than it has been but I’m grateful he mostly doesn’t care about masks. 

Finally, recall is a tricky thing for dogs even in controlled settings for a number of reasons. However, it’s a very necessary cue for a dogs safety and well-being! That’s why we work on it in safe places and with intentionally selected distractions (like a row of dogs on both sides!). VSEPR did struggle all a few times when he wanted to go say hi to his puppy friends but that’s okay, practice makes perfect!

petty little homophobe who once came for me : why won’t taylor notice me?? why won’t she invite me to secret sessions? why won’t she like my posts when i’ve tagged her 289546565 times??? ALL I WANT IS TO SHOW TAYLOR HOW MUCH SHE MEANS TO ME 😭😭

me: gee i wonder. i wonder what is the one thing you do that makes her uncomfortable. i wonder what it could be 🤔