Your KnB sibling
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>January:</b> Takao<p/><b>February:</b> Aomine<p/><b>March:</b> Izuki<p/><b>April:</b> Riko<p/><b>May:</b> Kuroko<p/><b>June:</b> Akashi<p/><b>July:</b> Momoi<p/><b>August:</b> Kagami<p/><b>September:</b> Kasamatsu<p/><b>October:</b> Midorima<p/><b>November:</b> Kiyoshi<p/><b>December:</b> Hayama<p/></p><p/></p>

*Points at OC* You get all my feelings of inadequacy and fear of never being good enough as well as obeying my abusers so to not face conflict with them.

*Points to other OC* You get all my fear of abandonment and over romanticizing of certain things in my life.

*Points at another OC* You get all my frustration over showing my emotions and are going to be allowed to say all the mean/truthful things I’ve always wanted to say about others but only say internally to myself.

*Points at another OC* You get all my insecurities about myself and fears about how other perceive me.

*Point at yet another OC* And you get all my cockiness but it’s to mask the fact that deep down I really hate myself.

*sets OCs free* Now go my children, go fuck up your lives.