Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope (July 2015)

Single-  Mercury enters Cancer on July 8, making you slow to respond to romantic invitations. Is it that you can’t be bothered or are you deep in contemplation? Know that playing hard to get can backfire. A Cancer Moon/Scorpio Saturn trine on July 16 gives you the balanced energy you need to broach and solve a difficult problem, but closure could leave you feeling empty instead of fulfilled. Isn’t this what you wanted? Maybe not. The Full Moon in your unpredictable sign on July 31 reminds you to have fun and not take romance too seriously. Games are fun, but not the head variety.

Couple-  You’ve always been a quirky conversationalist, but you become much more nurturing and security driven than usual when Mercury enters Cancer on July 8. You still put a creative spin on the way you talk, but more traditional forms take center stage. A balanced trine between the Cancer Moon and Saturn on July 16 stabilizes a topic that has been turbulent in the past, giving you both a chance to close the book on a regrettable chapter in your relationship. The Aquarius Full Moon on July 31 is a signal to find a fun way to celebrate your romantic achievements, both major and minor!