Summer of.....

-pointless unnecessary ships

-unlikeable new characters

-forced new love interests


-where da fuq is jenna?

-who the fuck is charles?

-doll photographs

-the ring parodies

-over protective caleb

-under protective parents

-pot cookies

-how the hell are they allowed to graduate?

-many fruitless trips to radley

-Casually referencing your sister burying someone alive

-awkward toby and ali scenes

-boob spotting

-hanna marin being a badass

-tippi tattoos 

-emily’s good china

-even more questions

-oh yeah and ‘answers’(that are quickly found out to be downright lies or more red herrings leading to yes you guessed it even more questions)

Seriously, if I were in PLL...

…and I met someone new, I would not trust a damn word they said. 

Them: Hi, my name is Claire.

Me: Yeah, I’m gonna need to see your driver’s license and your birth certificate and a signed affidavit and while you’re at it, some hair, spit, and finger prints for DNA and we gonna go on the Maury show and give you a damn lie detector test and I’m gonna need to meet your parents and see some childhood photos and at least three witness who knew you as a child  

Is this pointing at Aria or a coincidence?

In episode 6x5. When Hannah and Spencer are down at Radley we see a wall with the name “Carissimi Group.” Pic below is from pll-project.

I looked up Carissimi and I came up with Giacomo Carissimi. He was among the most important Italian composers of the seventeenth century. He is best remembered for his oratorios and cantatas. So I looked up what oratorios and cantatas are… and I found..

Hmmm… Aria’s are included in an oratorio… okay. Then I found this about Giacomo Carissimi as well:

Reading the above text you can see that, Carissimi’s free alteration of the Aria is considered an important contribution…

Then I looked up cantatas and I found this…

A cantata is held together by a primitive aria. Now the cantata may not seem like a big deal, but in episode 3x2 when Jenna is sitting outside (she can see at this point) she starts talking to Aria. She says that she lost her accompanist for her assembly and can Aria fill in and play with her. 

It is this scene here…

I am left wondering why the writers would put the Carissimi group so in focus if it meant absolutely nothing. I don’t think the writers put things in our faces for no reason. I think there is a connection here somewhere. Granted this may be a stretch…but it’s a little suspect to me. Maybe she isn’t A, but it just makes her more suspicious to me.

Let me know what you all think :) 

I have a feeling that Spencer was possibly in Radley as a child not just as a teenager. She has past history of substance abuse and she has a very addictive personality. She was always treat worse than Melissa as a child and her parents were never really proud of her compared to Melissa. It’s possible she went to Radley for depression as a child and they medicated her, and this is where the addiction stems from. It’s very possible her parents lied to her about it and never told her she’d been there as a child. 

Perhaps she met Charles there. Perhaps she didn’t. But I think she has more than one history with Radley. I also think because of how ill Mona was, and the type of disorder she had, it’s possible she also has past history with Radley/ or someone in her family has and she has inherited the disorder via her genetics. 

I feel like Charles/ -A is obsessed with not just Alison but also Aria. Aria’s flee to Iceland could suggest there’s something about that night that involves her and either she doesn’t remember what it is or she won’t say what it is. She is determined to block out the Dollhouse now, what if she did the same about that night?

I think there’s a possibility that Melissa/ Cece are Red Coat. And I think all of the original characters are the most important ones. I think they’re all linked in some way to Charles/ Alison/ Marion.