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I can't stop watching A Series of Unfortunate Events

At first I doubted it, because of the aesthetic. Although the movie wasn’t accurate to the books, I loved the aesthetic to it. But I felt like the Netflix series has too much pastel and too many bright colours in it. But I love the style, it fits perfectly with the quirkiness of the series and the characters. It’s so nice to see, it’s literally (ha) pleasing to the eye.

I also didn’t know if I could get used to Neil Patrick Harris’ Count Olaf because my childhood was attached to Jim Carrey’s Count Olaf. But he’s amazing? I can’t believe I doubted him. He represents the character so well, he’s the physical embodiment of Count Olaf from the books (as I saw him as a nine year old, when I first read the books).

I also love the fact that they’ve involved Lemony Snicket into the series, not just as a background voice but with him physically walking throughout the scenes with the children. It’s so cool and fills in so many plot holes that weren’t major but it’s better with them solved. Also that Cobie Smoulders is in it? Like what? Could this series get any better? Ohmygosh.

I’m only on episode three, and it’s almost midnight, but I feel like I might stay up all night to finish the series.

P.S Dr. Montgomery is my favourite character at the moment to be honest, he’s so pure and wholesome, I don’t want this episode to ever end… knowing what’s going to happen.

Regret Chapter Two.

I am so sorry this has taken so long! This past week or so has been a deadline week at Uni so it’s all been a bit hectic. I’m so overwhelmed by how popular the first instalment has been! Thank you so much for the notes! Like before, Strong Language throughout. It wouldn’t be the Riot Boys without it. Enjoy! 

“So let me get this straight, mate.” Toby began, letting out a sigh as he slumped his backpack on to the floor. As he plonked himself  down into the booth seat he looked to his friend with an extremely unimpressed expression. “You missed all your lectures this morning because you were up late watching—“

“The new season of American Horror Story.” George finished for him, shrugging as if it were nothing. He looked back down at the Tupperware box he was eating from,poking a lump of meat around with his fork. George was always one for reheating leftovers, no matter how disgusting they may appear. He stopped, lifting his head after a moment when he noticed Toby hadn’t replied. The boy in question was simply staring at him in bemusement. “…George?”
“You’re an idiot.”
“Roger that.” Nodding, he placed the Tupperware down and gave a one-shouldered shrug. “I was bored of working. I needed something fun to do.”
I asked you if you wanted to come out! And you said you were busy! All you did was watch Netflix!”
“Exactly.” George shot back, reaching for his beer. “I was busy.”

Smacking his forehead with his hand,Toby sighed and mumbled something about being far too hungover to deal with something like this. “What time did you stop watching shite then?”
“About 10:00.”
There was another pause, as Toby slowly lifted his head from his hand. “10:00?” He echoed. “Then how are you so tired?”
George lent back against the booth again, almost collapsing into himself as he took his fork in hand once again. “…It scared me a little bit.”

Before Toby could even begin to insult his friend, he was interrupted by a rather exasperated looking Hugo entering the room. He placed his bag on the floor gently, as opposed to Toby’s hurried slump. With his glass of wine in hand, Hugo finally let out a slightly refined sigh.
“You look as eloquently pissed off with humanity’s existence as ever.” Toby began, shooting Hugo one of his usual toothy grins.  The older boy simply looked at him levelly. “Not humanity’s existence, Toby. Just yours.”
Ignoring the ‘oooh’s from George, Toby simply lent back in his seat and rolled his eyes. Bit by bit, the others boys came filtering into the room, and in no time at all their usual spot was packed tightly with them all.

It was James who entered with Guy. He may not have been President any longer, but a club member was a club member. Plus, if Guy had to be brutally honest, he needed all the help he could get running the rabble that he called his friends.
“Right. Chaps.” Settling himself between James and Dimitri, Guy knocked on the table. “Meeting is in session. At the moment we’re looking at nine members, which means that we need to find a tenth–”
“Wait.” George interrupted, leaning forward. “Don’t you mean we have eight? I thought Ryle and Richards–”
“Well. If you let me finish speaking,” Guy began, looking at George imploringly before he continued. “It…appears that Milo has changed his mind.”

Hugo was suddenly very aware that most eyes were on him. He rolled his eyes and set his glass down. “I don’t know why you’re all staring at me. I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I haven’t said a word.”
“Well you do have a crush.” Harry pointed out.
“A whopping great gay one.” Toby continued.
Hugo was looking more and more decidedly ‘done’ with the situation as they went on.

“What are you all trying to insinuate? That he suddenly had a rampant change of sexuality overnight and decided to come back? Grow up. And the correct phrasing is ‘had a crush’’. Past tense.” He took another sip of his wine, pulling his face at the bitter taste. “I no longer have feelings for him or anything to do with him.”
Struggling not to laugh, Guy simply shook his head and looked back at his drink. “Alright then, your highness. Anyway, Milo called me last week and we got to talking and basically, chaps–” He stopped, counting heads. He looked to Toby after a second. “Where’s Ed?”

A small groan was heard from Toby then as he finished the rest of his beer and shook his head. “He’s over there.”
Guy craned his neck to look at his friend, who was standing at the bar somewhat awkwardly. “Is he still waiting to order his drink?”
Toby shook his head, looking to his friend sympathetically. “Oh no. He’s not even ordered his drink. He’s just standing there. Like a twat. Because he is one. ”

All it took Dimitri was a moment. Before it had all clicked in his mind and he simply heaved out a sigh. “Christ. There’s a new bar girl isn’t there?”
“For fuck’s sake. What does he think he’s going to achieve?” Dimitri muttered, still watching with an unimpressed expression. Harry just snickered. “I don’t know. But I’m watching. This is going to be bloody hilarious.”

If Ed Montgomery had turned around, he would have noticed that all eight of his friends were currently leaning out of the booth in a somewhat comical fashion to see what he was doing. Even if that did mean that Guy was leaning over Dimitri’s lap to see. But Ed didn’t turn around. He was too busy trying to remember how to speak.  He had already let about three people in front of him in the queue so he could think.

Somewhere, in the back of his mind he knew he had a meeting to attend and that he should probably use his brain, buy his drink and attempt to, heaven forbid, talk to a member of the opposite sex later. But this was Ed. His priorities were nothing if not slightly jilted.  

Oh fuck she’s looking at me. Ed straightened a little, finally managing to unstick his tongue from the roof of his mouth. She was smiling at him, but he was telling himself that she was smiling because it was all part of the job, not because she wanted to. Her red hair was twisted up into a practical pony tail, and he could see that she had tried and failed to cover the freckles that were dotted across her nose and cheeks with makeup.

“What can I get you, then? You’ve taken your time in deciding.” She was already reaching for a glass from the shelf. Ed cleared his throat. “Uhm. J-Just a pint of bitter please.”
She raised an eyebrow, pulling down on the pump to fill up the glass. “All that decision making for a pint of bitter?”

Ed was fiddling with the strap on his bag awkwardly, but when he looked up at her and saw the teasing smile and the humour in her eyes he found himself smiling back, a small ember of confidence igniting.
“Well it’s a very serious matter, beer.” He replied. The girl laughed then, the action causing her freckles to twist on her cheeks as she scrunched her face up. She nodded her head in amusement. “Well said.”

“What the fuck.” Harry had a similar expression on his face to the other boys. “He actually made a girl laugh?”
“Well we didn’t exactly hear what he said.” Dimitri reminded him, sliding his sunglasses in to his pocket. “For all we know it could still be one of the usual ‘I’m just laughing so you get away from me you utter weirdo’ laughs. Villiers, mate, calm down. They’re not going to get married.”
“It’s Ed though.” James reasoned, turning the page in his book. “He’ll marry the first woman that breaks his dry spell.”

Ed could hear the laughter from the table in the corner of the room, but didn’t dare look. He smiled and accepted the glass when she passed it to him, handing her the money a second later. “New job?”
The girl rolled her eyes. “Just a new pub. Same job.” She looked around the pub idly, watching as students talked to one another in clumped groups. “Same shit different toilet as my Dad says.”

Ed was certain he would have choked on his beer if he had been drinking, which he thankfully wasn’t. He had paid, he had taken his beer. What else was there left for him to do at the bar? There was already people behind him, and he knew she probably wanted to get onto serving the next customer.

Shuffling to the side he took a hesitant sip of his beer. When she had pulled the pints for the boy behind him, he spoke again as she rounded up the total on the till.
“Ed.” He began, before he realised it wasn’t the greatest of sentence starters. “That’s my name.” He added hurriedly.
She smiled at him over her shoulder as she passed the other student his change.

Would the gentleman in the terrible jumper please get a bloody move on?!” Guy had timed it well, cupping his hands around his face to make his voice louder. Ed had never gone scarlet quicker in his life. He was staring down at his beer, but when he finally chanced a glance up he noticed she was struggling not to laugh.
“I should…I should probably–” He just gestured awkwardly behind him.
“Yep.” Becca just nodded, pursing her lips in attempt not to laugh.

“I fucking hate all of you.” He hissed as soon as he sat down.; his usual spot on the counter near the booth itself. The laughter from the other boys was nearly enough to drown his words out. “You’re all arseholes.”
“Oh Ed for god’s sake it’s a girl.” Dimitri was shaking his head, still laughing. “You can buy yourself a girl any time you like.”
Ed was just muttering obscenities under his breath, more focused on drinking his beer. Harry just smirked to himself, looking across the bar. “I mean I don’t blame you. Not often you find a hot ginger.”
Ed’s head shot up then, paling a little. “Oh no no no no… come on. Don’t. Villiers.”
Harry frowned, looking to him. “What? I can’t say she’s hot? She’s not your girlfriend, idiot.”

Ed just rolled his eyes. “If you go and talk to her she’s just going to end up in your bed.”
“It’s a curse but it’s also a blessing.” Harry just grinned, causing an eyeroll from James. Guy on the other hand was looking at Ed in concern. “You’re being serious? Ed just because a girl isn’t instantly creeped out by you doesn’t mean true love.”
“Yeah, you’ve only known her for 5 minutes. She has plenty of time to find out you’re a creep–ow.” Toby just rubbed his arm, pulling a face at Ed after he had been hit. Ed just sighed. “Can we drop it please? Haven’t you got something to tell us?”

Guy nodded, finally turning back to business. “As I was saying boys. Operation Grasshopper. We need a new member by the end of the month otherwise the entire dinner is buggered. As I was saying to the boys while you were off trying to be bloody Casanova, Ed,  Milo–”
“Is standing right there.” James finished for him. All the boys looked up in unison. 

Miles Richards had his hands in his pockets. It appeared as if he was standing in a prison dining hall instead of the local pub with the apprehension on his face. His bag was still on his shoulder, overflowing with university textbooks. “…Hi.”