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What house do you think each PLL girl would be in?
Personally I believe;

Spencer would be either in Ravenclaw as she’s incredibly smart, funny and Witty or in Slytherin as she’s defiantly ambitious and cunning in a sense

Alison would be in either Gryffindor as she’s the shows most bravest characters in my opinion as she’s been though so much or I think she’d be in Slytherin as she also has a cunning side to her and she gets what she wants however Ravenclaw too as she’s also incredibly smart

Emily would be in either Hufflepuff because she’s really loyal to her friends and also is one of the most caring out of all the liars however I could also see her being in Gryffindor as she’s also quite brave with coming out and is a protective character

I feel like aria could fit into either Hufflepuff as again she’s caring however lately we’ve seen a lack of loyalty towards the girls so she could fit into Slytherin too as she’s quite cunning and bold in her actions

Hanna would be in either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor as she’s quite laid back, honest, loyal and can be playful

I feel like the girls could fit into every house in some shape or form, comment what house you think all the girls would fit into!

Also lets not forget Mona, I think she’s pretty similar to Spencer so she’d be in either Ravenclaw or Slytherin as she’s super clever and has a dark cunning side to her

Masterlist 2.0

My old master list was so far down on my post feed and I got tired of scrolling for days to update it, so here’s a new and improved one!!! xx

Requests for Prompts and Headcanons are open !!! 

Prompt List

The Vampire Diaries

Drunk in Love // Damon Salvatore

The Vile // Damon Salvatore

Stuck In The 90s // Kai Parker

Flirting With The Enemy // Silas

The Originals

Different // Klaus Mikaelson // p.2

Unrequited // Kol Mikaelson // p.2 

Meeting In Secret // Kol Mikaelson // p.2. p.3 

Stood Up // Kol Mikaelson


Always // Jerome Valeska

King & Queen of Gotham // Jerome Valeska

Lost Series // Jerome Valeska  p.1. p.2. p.3. p.4. p.5. p.6. p.7. p.8. p.9

Teen Wolf

Friends ? // Derek Hale

Not Human // Stile Stilinski ( coming soon

13 Reasons Why

Strip Tutoring // Jeff Atkins

My Hero // Jeff Atkins


Break Up Make Up // Kian Lawley ( prompt )

Kicked Out // Kian Lawley ( prompt )

Pregnant // Harrison Webb ( prompt )

Harry Potter Series

Childish // Sirius Black ( prompt )

Foxy Series // Sirius Black // p.1.   p.2.   p.3    p.4    p.5 ( coming soon )


Dating Remus Lupin Would Include… 

Dating Montgomery Would Include…