montgomery half marathon


The top picture doesn’t capture the intensity of the color of that shirt. Picture highlighter green, but brighter. Also, it seems like the smalls get bigger with every race. Why don’t races offer XS? Or youth large? 

I decided on a boring shirt for the race since between my Camelbak and my bib you won’t see most of it.

Hopefully Ryland will be cooperative in the morning. If not, we’ll just have to put him crying into the car and Jeremy can feed him when we get there.

Jeremy’s taking night duty, and I’m planning on going to bed by 9 so I can get caught up. But not really because that’s how much sleep I would normally want to get. Maybe Tylenol PM at 8:30.

And it’s pretty much unanimous that I go with the rainbow socks. 

Montgomery Half Marathon Photo Recap

This is pretty long because of all the pictures. Yes, I did run 13.1 miles with both my phone & my little camera.

Before the race- It was chilly and I still had my jacket on.

This was at the beginning of the race.

During the hills at the beginning, I passed more people than passed me like a boss.

At the mile 2 clock, my time was 19:20something, so I was going slower than I wanted. I picked up the pace a little. The clocks at miles 3 & 4 were out, so I didn’t know if I was on the pace I wanted or not.

Alabama State University about 4 ½ miles in- They had cheerers and the drumline.

At mile 5 the clock said a little over 46 min, so I was going a little faster than I had planned, but I didn’t really feel like slowing down.

Huntingdon College- just before mile 8

Cute little girl with pompoms

Teenage boys playing jazzy music- 9ish

I tried to take a picture of the big surprise hill right after the mile 10 marker

Somehow I only noticed the uphill at the beginning (which really didn’t seem so bad)…

but failed to notice this baby at mile 10. There were quite a few people that walked. I passed more people here, but some of them passed me right back on that steep down hill. I run slower down hills than I do up them.

The beef people were on the hill.

They were really excited about the race beef.

The Alabama state Capitol (about 11 ½)

Mile 13! The end is near!

I was 336/1014 total finishers. I counted online and was 14 in my age group, but I don’t know out of how many because it was only one long list of all the finishers together.

Here’s Pam & I again:

We’re both in yellow (coincidence)

My dad only takes pictures in landscape orientation, so there are no pictures of my rainbow striped socks.

with my mommy!

The boys wanted to run the bases.

This is from the expo Friday night. Ian Adamson did a natural running thing for Newton shoes.

It was cool and made me wish we had money to buy expensive minimalist shoes. But we don’t, so instead, I picked up another pair of my Asics that were on sale at Kohl’s for less than $60.

Now you know what I look  like when I’m not posing for pictures.

Also, now I see that “dress” is not flattering, so I will keep it as a skirt.