Happy Tuesday.  Happy Montez?  We’ll see if you Workaholics fans were able to impress him…


I hear a lot of flack about the diminishing of people at the house (as far as parties go) on the newer episodes.  I would start a celeb-look-a-like party, then move to ‘Tez’s pool party any day! Do these kids not realize that, as one gets older, people that one used to hand out with thins out?  That is exactly what post-college is all about.  We tend to fine-tune our realities, as well as our braj’s..  I think you dudes are staying true to form.  I dig.

Deep.  Unfortunately, ‘these kids’ are a rowdy bunch and probably stopped reading once it stretched past two lines.  Also, more of a theory than a boast. #MontezIsNotImpressed.


yooo i just drove westward across the country and drank so much redbull that i had a niacin reaction! and they only way i would’ve ever known what was happening was by watching workaholics. so thanks guys hahaha

Season 1 call back, nice.  Niacin.  Yeah, glad you didn’t think you were dying.   But… #MontezIsNotImpressed.


How could I impress a girl?

No, not a girl, Montez.  Let me try, though-

Impress a Girl: Be yourself, confident, and dunk a basketball right in front of her after setting up a regulation basketball hoop outside her living quarters when she least expects it.

Impress a Montez: Send us your wild weekend stories, and we’ll run the best next week to see if we can repregnetize Montez’s excitement levels.

Anyone #GetWeird enough to turn Montez’s frown upside-down this week?


My friend his brother and i brewed some moonshine and drank half a vodka bottle of it and then we used his pax vape for the first time and did a g on it. when his brother fell asleep we shaved his legs and eyebrows.

#MontezIsNotImpressed. Most of that probably never happened, your friend doesn’t even have a brother.


Blake is in my school’s yearbook, which is FUR SURE the coolest thing ever.

#MontezIsNotImpressed. Tez is not even intruegued. Blake’s in a lot of people’s yearbooks, especially if they went to the same school as him.


How dafuq did y'all cock I mean caulk Adam into a coffin like that. Like seriously broseph that’s a lot of caulk jizz. Unrealistic too, because his muscles woulda burst out that bitch like the alien anyways.

Annnnnnd we have a winner!  I don’t know about Montez, but I’m impressed, so he probably would be.

Can you impress Montez? Try your bests and the Workaholics Tumblr will put ‘em up against the gold standard of under-the-influenced ranting gibberish right here next week!


Week after week, Montez is Not Impressed.  

Now Waymond’s paying attention.  He can’t believe no one can get Tez to even raise an eyebrow.  So he’s calling you out, Workaholics fans.  

Waymond wants you to send us your wild weekend stories to try and impress Montez.  Did you lay the tarp down?  Use baby oil for more sin care than skin care?  Kiss a girl on the mouth?  

Try to get on Montez’s good side and leave us an impression by sending your sexy stylings HERE.