Artist Rant: So fucking irritated

Like I love to share all of my artwork with you guys and I love to show it on the internet so spread inspiration and get feedback.

But I don’t like it when people take my art work and steal the designs and don’t give credit back to me, aka the person who fucking made the design.

For example any of Mice & Men shoe I have ever done. I am glad it inspires people to make there own. Like that’s so cool, it’s awesome!! But when people just take the design and ignore the fact I came up with the design hurts my feelings. Like I am the one who came up with the template designs, and I’m the one who posted those pictures your using. I am the one who gave you inspiration to make your own. I’m not saying people can’t use the designs. Go for it that’s amazing. But seriously people?

It’s fucked up. And it’s happening to everything I’ve done and created.

So I Am probably going to stop sharing my artwork just cause I am tired of credit getting lost or not being given at all.

Other artists know where I am coming from. The artwork gets shared and the artwork gets more praise than the artist does.

So yep. No more art from MonteyRoo. classified shit right there.