HAPPY TIMELESS ANNIVERSARY SHIPMATES. One year ago our precious babies were in an OUAT promo with other TL couples, transcending realms & whatnot. Now, a year later, they’ve come so far & practically are true love. Regardless of all the hate we had to deal with, this past year has been amazing and I’m glad I got to meet so many beautiful people here on this website. Here’s to a wonderful year and an equally exciting rest of season three. Cheers! <3

clarke knew about the missile. bellamy found out about octavia being at tondc. bellamy knows that clarke lied to him about octavia being at camp jaha. clarke didn’t evacuate the camp, and instead fled with lexa knowing full well that the area would be bombed. clarke, to her knowledge, knew that octavia was at the camp. i’m 99.9999% sure that bellamy will eventually find out about the missile and the fact that clarke knew and escaped and even though he knows that she was doing what she thought was best like she’s done in the past, clarke lied and left his sister, his only family, in a camp doomed for destruction. how the hell will that confrontation go down?