i just kinda want a scene where abbie can’t sleep because she keeps having nightmares about her time in purgatory so, unable to stand the confines of her house, she goes outside in the middle of the night and wanders about. she doesn’t know how long she’s been outside but it suddenly starts pouring and it kind of takes the edge off of how she’s been feeling lately. without realizing it she finds herself near ichabod’s residence. ichabod in the meanwhile, is also having trouble sleeping and is reading a book from the new reading list that abbie gave him when he happens to glance outside and see a human form in the clearing by the woods. umbrella in hand he goes outside to check the suspicious figure out and comes across a drenched abbie. they’re both surprised to see each other, considering the time of night and all, and ichabod ushers her into his abode to dry herself off. he offers her the use of his shower and she asks him if he still has the new clothes she bought him. he replies with a questioning yes and brings the small paper bag they came in to her and she takes it to the shower with her. while ichabod is preparing tea for the both of them abbie emerges from the bathroom in the shirt and boxers she had bought for him. ichabod blushes and stutters like the dork he is and abbie is all “yo cool it bro” or something ichabbie-y like that, and after that moment they both talk about why abbie was out there, why they both can’t sleep, what the future holds for them, etc. until they both eventually fall asleep on the couch.

i want it all.

HAPPY TIMELESS ANNIVERSARY SHIPMATES. One year ago our precious babies were in an OUAT promo with other TL couples, transcending realms & whatnot. Now, a year later, they’ve come so far & practically are true love. Regardless of all the hate we had to deal with, this past year has been amazing and I’m glad I got to meet so many beautiful people here on this website. Here’s to a wonderful year and an equally exciting rest of season three. Cheers! <3

clarke knew about the missile. bellamy found out about octavia being at tondc. bellamy knows that clarke lied to him about octavia being at camp jaha. clarke didn’t evacuate the camp, and instead fled with lexa knowing full well that the area would be bombed. clarke, to her knowledge, knew that octavia was at the camp. i’m 99.9999% sure that bellamy will eventually find out about the missile and the fact that clarke knew and escaped and even though he knows that she was doing what she thought was best like she’s done in the past, clarke lied and left his sister, his only family, in a camp doomed for destruction. how the hell will that confrontation go down?