montes apenninus


The Top Five Features To Find On The Full Moon

2.) Montes Apenninus. The Moon’s highest mountain range outlines Mare Imbrium, extending for over 400 km. It contains Mons Huygens, the Moon’s tallest mountain, and the Hadley–Apennine valley, where Apollo 15 landed.”

The full Moon of November 14th may be special for being the closest, brightest full Moon in over 60 years, but every full Moon is full of delightful sights. There’s science behind it, too; much of what you can see even with the naked eye is evidence of our nearest neighboring world’s unique geological history. The dark maria are a result of basaltic lava flows, with the largest one covering more than 10% of the lunar surface. There are craters visible with the naked eye, including two spectacular ones. And many of the most prominent features contain the historic Apollo landing sites.

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