monterrey jack

The Signs As A Burger

Aries: jalapeño burger with monterrey jack cheese and bacon

Taurus: bleu cheese crumble burger with mushrooms

Cancer: peanut butter burger with bacon crumbles

Gemini: egg burger

Leo: peanut butter burger with bananas

Virgo: classic cheeseburger with all the greens

Scorpio: hamburger, no cheese, just ketchup and some french fries

Libra: kid burger with a toy please

Sagittarius: donut burger

Capricorn: bacon bbq cheeseburger

Aquarius: swiss cheeseburger with tomato and mayo only

Pisces: mac n cheese burger


Monterrey Jack, Bacon and Maple Syrup Toastie

Just made myself a sandwich; put 2 bacons in the frying pan and turn it up to hot, then once they’re a bit cooked, put two slices of bread into one slot of the toaster. Get a slice of Monterrey jack (cheddar will suffice) ready for when the toaster goes. Once the bacon is almost ready, pop the toast up and put the cheese on the soft side of one of the slices. Bacon on top of the cheese, and spread the soft side of the other toast with maple syrup. Sandwich together, and eat.