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“Ships of Task Force 50 en route to the Gilberts and Marshalls to support the invasions of Makin and Tarawa, 12 November 1943. Ships are (l-r): USS Alabama (BB-60); USS Indiana (BB-58), in distance, camouflaged; and USS Monterey (CVL-26). Photographed from USS Lexington (CV-16).”

(NHHC: 80-G-204917)


So one time I almost didn’t turn in my found footage assignment for Cinematic Storytelling but then I learned that that could potentially drop my grade a much more significant amount than I would’ve appreciated so I dropped everything and birthed this unfortunate piece of trash, and now I’m (only kind of, but not really) proud to be sharing it with you all today.



Big Basin State Park is home to a wide assortment of ecosystems. The park starts inland and works its way to the Pacific Ocean ending at Waddell Beach. This beach is right along Highway 1 and may just be the perfect place for a picnic. As with all beaches, the material on the beach is made from the local geology. And as the Pacific Coast is near an active plate boundary the beaches in California are rocky. Rocks of all shapes and sizes are washed up on the beach and are polished as they ride the waves. And here most rocks are of different types of chert which are common in Northern California. Tidepools are also common here as well as many other beaches in the area. This beach is rather calm for being right off Highway 1. Kites join the many gulls flying above the waves, only falling at the end of a breeze. 

jugex  asked:

Hi, hello, your art is far from amazing and, literally every i have been aspiring to do with my life. So for that, infinite thank you. As for my question, it says in your description that you're aspiring to be a science illustrator, which I didn't even know it was a thing, so if it's more than a self named career, is there any facts that have you learnt that could help a youngling like me? Also are there any of those spooky surrealistic that you would recommend? PS: That crow looks awesome.

Thank you!! I am honestly a youngling as well so you’ll have to take my knowledge for what it’s worth, but scientific illustration is definitely a career you CAN pursue. As far as finding more information, I would probably start with visiting the site (Guild of Natural Science Illustrators) and kinda seeing the sort of work people are doing and events relating to the field. 

There are also a few school programs you could check out, notably the Cal State Monterey Science Illustration program (very prestigious), or the University of Washington Natural Science Illustration graduate certificate program, or even (more specialized) the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has learning/internship opportunities, but is very competitive. I’m sure there are more and I’m sure there are programs outside the US, but these are the ones I am immediately aware of.

As for literature you could look into, one of my favorite books is Botany for the Artist by Sarah Simblet and will allow you to see what kind of work science illustrators are doing in the field. That book has excellent gestural botanical drawings and a lot of wonderful information about the field of (botanical) science illustration.

Hope this has helped! 

New Photos Show Hidden Details of North Korea's Missile Program

New Photos Show Hidden Details of North Korea’s Missile Program

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Newly released photos appear to reveal unexpected advances in North Korea’s missile program, experts say, including a previously unseen type of projectile.On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, North Korean state media KCNA announced leader Kim Jong Un had visited the country’s Chemical Material Institute of the Academy of Defense Sciences. Newly released photos appear to reveal unexpected advances in…

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Guys check out this article by the amazing artist Jane Kim: Wall of A TON of birds! Go throw love in her direction <3

“JANE KIM is an artist, science illustrator and founder of Ink Dwell. Her art career  started very early in life by obsessively painting flowers and bears on the walls of her bedroom. She received more formal training at the Rhode Island School of Design and then Cal State Monterey Bay, where she received a Certificate in Science Illustration. Jane loves to be outdoors, on adventures, and brings the joy she gets from nature back to her studio. She still enjoys painting flowers and bears, though nowadays she doesn’t get in trouble for painting on the walls.” -Julie Baumgardner NY Times