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omg marrish being forced to share a bed would be very cute. Maybe they go on a trip trying to find info about what Jordan might be and they have to stay in some motel and the only room available only has one bed? Please and thank you ❤️

Marrish. Canon compliant. 1.5k.

They drive down the coast on a hunch, all the way to Monterey. Or: a missing moment between Lydia and Parrish in the summer before senior year.


Note: There’s no actual bed sharing in this story, but they do share the same hotel room.

over the summer

“I found a rare books dealer in Monterey,” Lydia says, leaning over his desk. It’s a Tuesday, and one of the hottest days of the summer. “They won’t do any business over the phone, so. Road trip?”

Jordan wants to say no. He does. Weeks of pouring over books, trying to learn Latin (and French, and German) so he can understand what he’s pouring over–it’s exhausting, the question mark that has popped up over his entire life chalking up to be unsolvable. Instead, he says, “Shouldn’t you be… oh, I don’t know, enjoying your summer?”

She narrows her eyes at him. “What could be more enjoyable than figuring out what’s going on with you? You know I like a good puzzle.” She pauses for a beat. “Or do you really like being chained to your desk that much?”

“Someone has to man the phones,” he replies dryly. His demotion to desk duty is no secret, but it’s still a sore subject. 

“Sure, but why you? Can’t that new deputy do it?”

“I’m touched by how much sway you think I have around here.”

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It’s a calm day on the Monterey Bay. Take a moment to chill out with gentle waves and maybe catch a glimpse of passing whales, seals and sea otters. 🌊