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BTS REACTION - When you want a kid

long time without making reactions, hope you all like it!


JIN: Well, let’s do this girl…

RAP MONTER: Oh my god What am I going to do with you?, well if you want let’s have a kid

SUGA: How many do you want babe?

J-HOPE:  *So happy because he also wants to have a kid*  Are you serious? 

V: OMG, you want a kid? with me? really? *giggles*

JIMIN: You know how kids are made, no? 

JUNGKOOK: But we are still young, I’m your little kid

*I do not own these gif, credits to their respective owners*

i did this on my old blog once and it went pretty well and since im in a v drawy mood:

reblog this n ill draw a monter boy/girl/nb based on ur blog!!

(ill draw like, mayb 5 today n 5 tomorrow)