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Si fueras un animal.. ¿Cuál serías? ¿Por qué?

Yegua pa’ que me monten jajajaja
Sería caballo, es un animal hermoso, elegante, con porte, noble y leal.
Amo a los caballos, ¿se nota?   ;)

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were you as close to Monten as you were Hiten?

The question was almost insulting it brought a glare to Souten’s features as her arms crossed over her chest.

“What kind of question is that?!” She snapped, of course she’d been as close to Monten as she had been with Hiten. Perhaps in a different way, but definitely as close! Monten was who she ran to when she’d had a bad dream, he brushed her hair and took care of her like their mother did, she’d been heartbroken when they BOTH fell to Inuyasha’s hand.

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I read one of your tags. A Turbo Granny is a Japanese Youkai of an old woman who runs on all fours at high speeds. She's commonly seen at night, running up mountain highways, then disappearing. A multi-wheeler cargo truck was said to have been knocked over completely on its due to her momentum. The driver described seeing a Grey-haired blur. In other words, "supor sanic ledy up hte monten"

This, this is prime-time japanese bullshit weirdness

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Monten or Souten?

The demon scowled. “You’re expecting me to choose between my closest of kin? How cruel.” Shaking his head and folding his arms over his chest, Hiten sighed. “I’d do anything for the both of them!”


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The little demoness frowned at this strange human that had made his way into her path.

“I can’t do that! It’s wasteful!!” Monten would have had a fit had he been there, he’d always been harping about making use of everything they found. If something broke they fixed it; perhaps that was what truly had ended her brothers. They’d found the jewel shards and in making use of them they’d changed and all of their gentility had vanished.

Gathering up the pieces of the fallen weapon, she tucked them into her pack and decided to take it to a demon forge when she had the chance.


el anillo de boda debería ir en el dedo corazón, o dedo del medio, así cuando te monten cacho se lo muestras en forma de “estamos casados” y “vete a la mierda” ._.

Cada vez nos va a parecer más común que personajes con fortunas monten iniciativas privadas con las que llegar a conquistar el espacio, rivalizando con auténticas agencias espaciales de países. El caso más conocido es sin duda el de Elon Musk y su iniciativa Space X, que nos está retransmitiendo sus aventuras de la mejor manera posible.

En un asunto parecido tenemos al fundador y CEO de Amazon, Jeff Bezos, que ha montado una compañía llamada Blue Origin con el objetivo de entrar en la carrera espacial. Hoy tenemos para compartir una primera prueba de que están dando pasitos en la buena dirección, con el lanzamiento del cohete New Shepard.


Misión suborbital conseguida a medias

El cohete realiza un vuelo suborbital, que puede se considerado como un vuelo espacial al superar los 100 kilómetros de altura, y por lo tanto abandonar la atmósfera terrestre. Pero en realidad se estuvo rozando esa distancia - 93 kilómetros - en la prueba, que se pudo considerar como un éxito a medias. Vamos a ver el vídeo que han preparado en Blue Origin:

En la misión había dos partes, la de llevar una cápsula con espacio para tripulación - pero vacía - hasta el espacio, y separarla del cohete propiamente dicho. Esa parte se consiguió, también hacer volver a la cápsula en condiciones a la superficie, pero no pudieron conseguir lo mismo con New Shepard. Para llegar hasta allí arriba se superó en tres veces la velocidad del sonido.

Nuevas misiones muy pronto

El interés de Blue Origin parece tener puntos en común con Space X, como puede ser el de reutilizar cohetes y vehículos todas las veces que sea posible, recortando el gasto más importante de cada misión. La idea es que los sistemas de propulsión o cohetes puedan realizar despegues y aterrizajes de forma vertical, exactamente igual que los Falcon 9 de Elon Musk.

No nos olvidemos de que este es el primer intento de Blue Origin, y que tienen planificados al menos dos misiones más dentro de muy poco, con los New Shepard versión 2 y 3 prácticamente preparados para echar a volar. Al margen de Shepard, tienen en desarrollo un cohete de mayores dimensiones.

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La noticia El cohete reutilizable de Jeff Bezos y Blue Origin da sus primeros pasos hacia el espacio fue publicada originalmente en Xataka por Kote Puerto .

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"Oi, Souten!" The familiar, pleasantly cheery voice of Hiten called as he entered the girl's 'secret' base. "Saw you pining over some brat's crayons the other day, so..." The eldest brother knelt down near his beloved little sister and presented three wax sticks—one red, one black, and one yellow—and some fresh parchment to Souten with an eager smile.

If it had been anyone else, they wouldn’t have found the little girl as she sat huddled in the little shed that stood all but forgotten in the rear corner of the Thunder Demon Tribe’s complex. It was worn by time and more than one hole had been plugged with the odd pot or two that she’d pilfered from the kitchen, but it was hers alone and that was what mattered; besides Hiten and Monten had told her they’d help her fix it when summer came.

As the older male ducked into the little shed–which he was just a little too tall for–ruby eyes blinked up to meet a matching pair and she grinned at him.

“Saw you pining over some brat’s crayons the other day so…”

He knelt down beside her, holding out the present of three colored wax sticks and some paper and waited for her to react; the grin on his face saying he knew just how delighted she would be. And she was! Face cracking in a smile even wider than her brother’s, she took the gift and settled herself in the elder’s lap where she set to drawing.

“So what’s this I hear of you fighting with the other girls?” He asked slowly after a long moment of silence; he’d likely heard from her mother or from the parents of the children she’d gotten into the row with whom her mother had already tried to appease. With a sigh much to heavy for her little frame, Souten set the wax sticks and paper down.

“They don’t like me, they’re mean and they don’t let me play with them most of the time. Even when they do let me play, they insist on doing boring things like playing with dolls.” She supplied, leaning back against the elder male’s chest and looking up at him. “The older girls say that it’s not fair that you spend time with me and not them.”

“Bring your brother back with you!”

That had been what they’d yelled at her after she’d been expelled from the group and it had made her angry; why wasn’t she enough? So she’d called them noisy wenches–a term that Hiten himself had taught her–and it had very quickly become a fist fight.

El cohete reutilizable de Jeff Bezos y Blue Origin da sus primeros pasos hacia el espacio

El cohete reutilizable de Jeff Bezos y Blue Origin da sus primeros pasos hacia el espacio

Cada vez nos va a parecer más común que personajes con fortunas monten iniciativas privadas con las que llegar a conquistar el espacio, rivalizando con auténticas agencias espaciales de países. El caso más conocido es sin duda el de Elon Musk y su iniciativa Space X, que nos está retransmitiendo sus aventuras de la mejor manera posible.

En un asunto parecido tenemos al fundador y CEO de Amazon,

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A principios de este mismo año, os informábamos de que la suit de ofimática de Microsoft Offcie, que incluye Word, Excel y PowerPoint, ya estaba disponible para las tablets Android. Sin embargo, no era compatible con todos los dispositivos, pues dos de los requisitos para poder usarla era tener Android 4.4.x KitKat –pueden instalarse en Lollipop, pero pueden surgir errores al usarlas–, y un chipset basado necesariamente en ARM.

La noticia ahora es que ambos requisitos han pasado a la historia, y ahora ya podemos usar las aplicaciones también en tablets con Android 5.0 Lollipop y superior, y en las que tengan procesadores con arquitectura x86, es decir, las que monten chipsets de Intel. Eso sí, todavía son versiones preview, aunque no deberían presentar problemas.

Para poder disfrutarlas, primero será necesario unirse a la comunidad de Google+, enviando una solicitud, y una vez que nos acepten y nos convirtamos en testers, tendremos acceso gratuito a la descarga de las nuevas versiones de las tres apps, de las que os dejamos los enlaces de descarga a continuación:

Google Play | Microsoft Office Word (Preview) (Gratuita) Google Play | Microsoft Office Excel (test) (Gratuita) Google Play | Microsoft Office PowerPoint (test) (Gratuita)

Para los que dispongan de tablets con chips ARM y una versión de Android inferior a Lollipop, os recordamos que también las podéis descargar y utilizar de forma totalmente gratuita:

Google Play | Microsoft Office Word (Gratuita) Google Play | Microsoft Office Excel (Gratuita) Google Play | Microsoft Office PowerPoint (Gratuita)

¿Y tú que piensas? Pásate por Microsoft Office ya es oficialmente compatible con tablets Android Lollipop y chips x86 para dejar tu huella.

Puedes unirte a nosotros en Twitter, Facebook o en Google+

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"Hey kid. Have you been stayin' out of trouble?" -Hiten

Souten froze, the words seeming to echo through the halls of the empty complex as she heard them. They were clear as day but when she turned there was no one there there; no one to welcome her as she came home.

No one for her to welcome home.

The sun shone through the holes in the ceiling onto puddles that the rain had created on the polished wood floor and she could imagine it from years ago. Years before the holes had been there, when the halls were lit by the light coming from the deck through open paper screen doors. When every room bustled with the smiling faces and rowdy laughter of her family.

When her brothers had been alive and tragedy had not beset the Thunder Tribe of RaiMei Valley.

Her brothers would come home with the hunting party, Hiten the first through the door with a boar over his back and Monten following behind with one of the larger game over his shoulder. Both would smile at her, but Hiten would have spoken first, rifling his hand through his little sister’s hair in a way that she protested vehemently. Of course her protests hadn’t stopped him and after he’d handed off the boar to a clan member he would hoist her up onto his shoulder like their father once had done with him.

And while the kill was being prepared by the women of the clan–whom Souten all but refused to join in their endeavors–Hiten would continue to teach her of wielding thunder–which always turned into rough housing–as Monten looked on; playing mediator when their play turned just a bit too rough for the youngest. Only when dinner was announced they would stop and head for the main hall where their family gathered for the meal; Hiten sitting at the head of the room with Monten on his right and she on his left. The whole room full of food and talk and laughter.

It was a time she would have given anything to return to.

Turning as the memory faded, the world around her returning to it’s desecrated state that she had no power to fix; she headed for her room.

Derroche de calidad humana @norelysrod !!!!! Gracias a todos los que se acercaron y brindaron su aporte para lograr que cada vez sean más atletas los que se monten en el avión y representen a Vzla en los #JuegosMundiales de @specialOlympics #LosAngeles2015 :)