December 11, Sunday.

Went to Silang to visit and check out Monteluce. Magsawa kayo sa mukha ko dahil puro ako ‘yan. Don’t judge. 

Obviously, white v-necks are my favorite. I could wear one foreverrr. Because I can partner/accessorize it  with anything. This time, I accessorized it with a red Bowler Hat and a messy hair. :)

With my sister Mhel. 

Lindsay Lohan messy hair. ACHIEVE NA ACHIEVE! 

Sinong tina-tantrums?




Someday when I’m in Paris,

Touring the Avenues along the Seine;

My eyes will venture to the sky,

Noting Gothic Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower line.

My francs exchanged for euros to pay for Louvre Art;

Rich history and beauty fill chambers in my heart.

But first a café and selected sinful fruit tart …

“Qui, Qui. S’il vous plait,” I say.

“D’accord.” She hands me the baked sweet.


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