Story of a model and fashion blogger Adnan Taletovich

                     How I met Mr. Karl Lagerfeld  Part 3

     I woke up early in the morning, went to the balcony and couldn’t believe my eyes; Monte Carlo, was spreading like a mirage in front of my eyes. I went in my white bathrobe outside terrace. It was too early and nobody was still awake. I was breathing a fresh Mediterranean air with a full longs as admired the view of Monte Carlo port. I had a good feeling about all this and that mysterious man I just met the previous day; Karl Lagerfeld. Around 9am we all met with Karl, Helena Christensen and entire Karl’s team on the terrace in front of villa. New working day had just begin. I was more confident and felt more confortable to take photos. Photo shoot went great and Karl was very happy with results. Photos been published in French and German Vogue magazine as the new Karl Lagerfeld campaign……