monte kali

anonymous asked:

idk if youre still doing the playlist requests but could you do a playlist for inasa? tysm!

omg yes i’ll always be doing these, they’re my fav

- cabaret - azizi gibson, yeah ik I put this song on Bakugou’s put i pull these songs from my own playlists, plus i feel like he’d like it 

- YOUNG HOT THOTTIES - dan murray, it’s such a shitty song but you know he listens to it when working out 

- ispy - kyle 

- fangs - matt champion 

- G.O.M.D - j. cole 

- girls @  - joey purp

- gassed up - neba kinzia 

- curious (interlude) - gemaine 

- don’t - bryson tiller 

- infatuation - BROCKHAMPTION 

- kolors - monte booker 

- defiantly loves kali uchis (lol who doesn’t she’s amazing) 

- ok so he listens to a lot of rap but when he doesn’t want to listen to rap he listens to indie rock, like modern baseball and soroity noise and mccafferty 

- he may not always be listening to the lyrics or the listening for the meaning (i mean he totally has those nights where he blasts it and soaks in the lyrics) but he just really likes the power in it 

- dead-bird, details - mccafferty 

- radical -it looks sad 

- the coast - pup, probably his fav 

- sasquatch .22 - bay faction 

- nausea - jeff rosenstock 

- tibetan pop stars - hop along 

- the thrash particle - modern baseball 

- strange mercy - st. vincent 

- using - sorority noise