monte carlo festival 2013


Hey, hey! The official Golden Nymph Awards twitter account retweeted and favorited my tweets about The Mentalist winning their award last summer (2013) at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. Yaaaaaay! I loved that!

And now the official Mónaco Informativo favorited another tweet about The Mentalist for winning at the Monte Carlo TV Festival! For those who don’t know, the city of Monte Carlo is in the country of Mónaco. :)

The Mentalist: The most watched dramatic television series IN THE WORLD. For real. 58 Million viewers world wide! No other TV show can boast that! The Mentalist was the winner the first time that particular award was ever given! Yay, The Mentalist!

There’s the Golden Nymph. And here’s Robin accepting the award this past summer, 2013. I’m so proud!