Il problema è che voi desiderate essere come le stelle, provocatrici di sospiri, belle e irraggiungibili.
Oppure, come il mare talvolta tempestoso e altre calmo, navigato da molti e apprezzato da tutti.
Sappiate essere come un monte, invece, altero e imponente, notato per le sue caratteristiche particolari anche in mezzo a tanti.
Ricordate che il tramonto al mare è oramai “mercificato”, per antonomasia adorato da ognuno di noi, ma l'alba sui monti è amata… Amata davvero da chi profondamente ne comprende tutta la bellezza e la poesia.
—  apoteosidiparole
thanks for making me feel something so intense and passionate. Thanks for giving me a one in a lifetime intoxicating love. We didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean I never loved you. You were radiant and breathtaking. I feel terrible about what happened because I know you do. I still have all the secrets you kept so close to your heart. I still play the songs you sent, to try to dedicate how much you love me. We thought it was eternity. I’m sorry.
—  Gemini to Scorpio; Breakup
i miss you, and it hurts but we’re not good for each other
      A steady drip from the faucet sent Massimo back through the years. The ammonia mist of the toilet burned away and he was walking, his little boy legs cold in the moist bite of early morning. His thighs burned from the winding slope in the stony road that curled around the monte – a hill that leaned over the village like a watcher – to gather clean water from a pipe. The water, the monte’s crystal blood, ran from a spring high above, where brown hills rolled in ripples to an unknown world behind. The water stung Massimo’s tender lips and landed like a cold stone in his belly.

[Painting: Running Water Mountain High by Water Poon, 2007]

anonymous asked:

ohh if you dont mind me asking can you tell me more about the 1800s ghost and the no fashion sense cat robin hood? They sound so interestingggg

“1800s ghost” is about a girl, around age 15-16, who dies in a house fire with her best friend, Nicolos. Her soul ends up getting trapped in the house but Nicolos gets reincarnated… about 200 years later. shenanigans ensue when his reincarnated soul one day comes back to Monte Manner. (I have literally nothing from this story worked out it was made by little 12 year old me and I have only recently started messing with it. I just wanted a cute ghost couple pls dont judge me omigods) 

“No fashion cat kid” is about a boy named Leo who works at an animal rescue for cats. But with the rescue facing being shut down and all the animals threatened to be put to sleep Leo takes matters into his own hands and begins stealing money from corrupt businesses and people to give to the cat shelter. (The “no fashion” bit is becasue this nerd can’t match clothes worth the crap. Like he would wear striped neon purple parachute pants and an oversized polkadot wooly sweater like it was casual. )