Day 169: Crash a wedding

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On Friday night, my friend Lou asked if I’d like to attend a wedding the following night.

“Does someone need a date?” I asked.

“No, I have a date. Carolyn and I were invited. But that doesn’t matter. Just come in after dinner and crash it. It’ll be fine,” Lou responded.

“Wait, what? Do people do that?”

“All the time. They’ll appreciate that you care,” he said.

For day 170 of The Time Hack, I convinced two other friends to come with me and crash what turned out to be the incredibly small wedding to which my friend Lou was invited. Though crashing the wedding was awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing for all parties involved, the bride and groom were good sports about the whole thing.

But riding high on the wedding crash, my friends and I spotted another wedding reception being held in the same facility.

Less than one minute after arriving on the dance floor for our second wedding crash, we were physically escorted out of the wedding by a man wearing a vest and bow tie.

No hard feelings though. We had a lovely time.


  1. At the first wedding we crashed, the name of the groom was Tony.
  2. The bride had blonde hair and the groom had brown.
  3. Two Lady Gaga songs played during our time at the first wedding.
  4. My friends and I danced near the far, back corner of the dance floor and were joined by a girl in a blue dress and one in a green dress.
  5. The room where the first wedding took place was called the “Dome room”.
  6. The man who kicked us out of the second wedding was wearing a grey and black vest.
  7. He only escorted myself and my male friends out of the room, leaving the two females we were with.
  8. He gently pushed with his right hand on my back.
  9. I saw a friend from high school also named Matt while leaving. I shook his hand and told him we had better catch up some other time because “we were being kicked out”.


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  • I estimate that I was at the wedding for 1 hour and 34 minutes.


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