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Farewell To The Queen (And Hello To The Kevin)

There are some big changes happening in Marketing next year, especially in the promotions department. Our current area supervisor, Courtney Girvan, is sadly leaving us at the end of the year.

Courtney has added her vibrance and charm to the marketing team as well as Campus Rec as a whole. Not only was she Vice President of RecBoard, but she also took home the coveted 2011 crown for Homecoming Queen. Courtney is a great student leader and her contagious smile will be greatly missed around the office. 

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However, our Promotions team is not without a new leader. Stepping up to the plate is Rec Center renaissance man, Kevin Rippon! This year, Kevin was in charge of our social media and did a spectacular job. He always had something to say on our Facebook page, and his frequent Twitter updates are hilarious. His passion for the Rec Center is always apparent in his posts and his participation and leadership in promotions and activities. We are confident that he will take the Promotions team to new heights next year. 

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Group X is offering Yoga, a fine way to get in shape and get in touch with your metaphysical side. You just might not want to eat at Sam’s Place before you go. Just a friendly word of advice. 

Monday1:00pm - 2:00pm Dinallo

Tuesday3:30pm - 4:30pm Student Recreation Center

Wednesday5:30pm - 6:30pm Student Recreation Center

Thursday12:00pm - 1:00pm Student Recreation Center

Thursday6:00pm - 7:00pm Dinallo

Saturday12:00pm - 1:00pm Student Recreation Center

Hi, my name is Garrett Hoffman (the kid in the hat in the pic above) and I am helping out with the blog this year. I am an English and creative writing major and a junior here at MSU but enough about me. Let`s talk about this past week`s training activities!

This is my third year working at the Rec and my second year going through the training week process and I think we can all agree it went much smoother and was a lot more exciting this year than the year before. Everyone came together easily and the Pro Staff really did a great job making learning the ropes an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Day one was great because all of the veterans were reunited after a long, hot summer away from each other and did a good job of welcoming the new faces to our family and making them feel as at home as we all do. It was even good to see the Pro staff again, even if Kelly couldn`t talk to us. Also, it was great to get introduced to our newest Pro Staff, Jared, who will be heading Fitness and Group X this year.

Day two was the first day of area training where we all got a taste of what was to come during this academic year. It was a fun way to become better acquainted with the people we’d be working with this year. The marketing team for example, instead of doing a usual corny team-building activity, decided to play apples to apples. Many laughs were shared and Liz came out victorious, because, well, she’s a perfect human being.

One of the best days of training was Wednesday, where Pro Staff surprised us with a trip to the nearby Turtle Back Zoo. Not only did we get to see some pretty amazing animals, but we also got to do as the monkeys do and play in the trees.

Everyone who wanted to could brave a high ropes course that soared 35 feet above the ground. That may not sound high to you, but when you got up there, it was a bit daunting. One of the greatest experiences of the day was watching everyone cheer each other on. No one laughed or made comments when a person was scared, everyone cheered for each other. It was a prime example of what a great organization the Rec Center is.  

Day four was a more involved day of area training where we in the marketing team outlined our goals for the semester and brainstormed new ways to get the Rec Center involved outside these four walls. This important day ended with the highly anticipated Jackals game against the Newark Bears where the home team came out victorious. (The one dollar beers were nice too, for the 21-plus crowd of course).

Finally Friday, the last day of training, was a very laid back day of instructional PowerPoints and speakers from the Police and Fire Departments.  And the entire week ended with a delicious dinner where we reminisced about the craziness that was the last 5 days.

All and all training week went very well and there were very few, if any, complaints from those who participated. What a fantastic way to end the summer and to usher in an exciting new year. And of course, if anyone reading this is interested at all in joining a team of passionate, supportive and all-around great individuals, check us out in April 2013 for becoming part of our family next year.

A few years ago, I wasn’t such a Slender Man. Business in child-abducting was slow and I started eating a little too many hungry man tv dinners. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I was pretty much Obese Man. Every time I’d go to the park to go kidnap some unsuspecting children and devour their souls, they’d all just point and laugh. No one is ever afraid of the chubby dude. Once the scariest dude on the internet, I was now reduced to a trans-fat infused joke. 

I was about to give up hope when someone told me to go check out MSU’s Rec Center. I was ambivalent at first, but then I found out that it’s open every day until midnight. Which was great because I don’t really like going out much in the daytime, especially when I was so embarrassed about my weight. 

So I visited the Rec Center every day. I even attended some Zumba classes, but my arms were a little bit too long and I sent a few girls to the ER with concussions. Oops…sorry Jane, I’ll pay for the plastic surgery. 

In a matter of time, I was able to achieve my trademark physique. Now I’m back to easily hiding in the background and scaring the pants off of unsuspecting frat girls. And I couldn’t have done it without the great people here at Campus Rec. 




One of our biggest events is tonight, and even though you are all probably up to your eyeballs in work, what’s one more evening of procrastination?

THE PRICE IS RIGHT will be held TONIGHT at 7 PM in the GYM. If you’ve preregistered (it ended at 12 noon today) you are guaranteed a stylin’ purple t shirt . If you want a preview of the shirt, check out the inflatable cow in the main office.

In order to get you pumped for this evening, here’s a video of one of the more..erm enthusiastic participants on the original show. Hopefully some of you can top his energy tonight



I know you’re all probably sick of us asking you if you’re free on Fridays, especially if you work here. But in all honesty, (and this is coming from possibly the laziest person alive) coming to the usually hour-long RecBoard meetings really are worth it. Every meeting guarantees at least one laugh, one chance to win a prize, and a chance to become more involved with the Campus Recreation community. Here’s a sample of some of the fun-filled things you’ll get to participate in during a RecBoard meeting.

-Fun Time: Fun Time usually consists on some ridiculous game like having to sit on balloons to pop them, or passing a roll of toilet paper onto a plunger using only your legs. You can volunteer to participate and be rest assured that even though you might make a total fool out of yourself, it’s all in good fun.

-Dirty Minds: Ever hear something that’s totally innocent, but in your perverted little mind you think otherwise. If you’re like me and have the maturity of a twelve-year-old boy, Dirty Minds is perfect. One of the Executive board members will read you clues that sound x-rated, but really they describe something completely family-friendly. It’s fun and brain-teasing.

-BoneHead: have you done something really dumb this week? Write it down and put it in the jar, everyone at RecBoard will vote on whose story will win the coveted “Bone Head” title. 

-Community Service: Various organizations make themselves known at Rec Board, and by attending meetings, you can help participate in many different events and service projects to help those who need more smiles in their life.

-Friends!: Everyone likes to meet someone new. At Rec Board, you are almost-guaranteed to make a new friend.

So, what else do you have to do? 2:30 gives you plenty of time to recover from a crazy Thursday night, so we better see you there!