Just went to Montasy and the awesome cashier gave Ryan an Iron Man mask ^.^
I’ve always called Ryan Iron Man. One day He was riding his bike and crashed into a car, it looked like he dented the car pretty badly, like the car basically took the shape of his body. He didn’t get hurt.
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Sightings of dark elves on the surface have grown steadily—turning from dismissible rumors into disturbing reports. Brave heroes are needed to discover what plot or purpose is driving the children of Lolth to so boldly intrude upon our realm. Drow-laden encounters and challenges await you in stores everywhere—along with an array of products that will help you in your attempt to survive The Rise of the Underdark…

Are you up to the task or will fall upon the piling corpses?

Introducing Wizards of the Coast's Kajudo

Wizards of the Coast recently announced a new multi-platform franchise entitled Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters. From television, through digital gaming and online immersion, everything in Kaijudo is built to drive as many kids as possible from the places where they consume media and gaming today, to the life blood of Wizards’ communities and play experiences: the hobby retailers throughout North America and the world.

As with all great kids’ brands, Kaijudo starts with amazing, emotionally connecting television. The story of Kaijudo centers on a 14-year-old boy named Ray, who has a rare ability to befriend and duel alongside creatures from a parallel dimension. But Ray isn’t out to just win a tournament or a trophy. There are real-world consequences to Ray’s battles: saving his friends, his neighborhood, and possibly even the fate of the world itself hangs in the balance.

We’re looking forward to bringing you additional information about all that Kaijudo has to offer in the coming months. In the mean time, keep your eyes on