Not Again

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG-13
Summary: See chapter 1

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Chapter 16, Day 170:

Things happen quickly the next morning.  As Mulder and Skinner are loading the car to head to the airport, Mulder gets a call from the gunmen.  They’re on speakerphone, talking over each other with excitement until Mulder tells them to calm down.  He moves away from the open car door and puts a hand on his hip.

“We made contact,” Byers says.

“With Absalom,” Langly adds.  “Dude fell for our line like flies to cow turds”

“I gathered that,” Mulder says.  “And get a better metaphor, please.”

“We pinged his ISP in Helena,” Frohike cuts in, getting to the point.

“He’s here?”  Mulder turns to face the car and raises his brows at Skinner.  Skinner frowns.

“We can’t tell you where,” Byers says.  “But he’s definitely in the Helena area.”

“What else can you tell me?  Give me something less vague.”

“That’s all we’ve got,” Frohike says.  “Sorry, man.  So far all he’ll talk about is spreading the word that prior abductees are in danger.”

“Danger from what?”

“Being taken again.  Returned as something other than what they were.”

“Super soldiers?”

“That’s what he called them,” Langly says.  “An army of super soldiers that will destroy the human race.”

“Ask him what he knows about the missing fourteen.  Get back to me.”

Mulder disconnects the call and slips his cell phone back into his pocket.  He tells Skinner what the gunmen have just told him, but before Skinner even opens his mouth to ask questions, Richie comes running across the parking lot towards them.

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Last week, Glacier National Park in Montana received its first snow of the season. While it closed Going-to-the-Sun Road from St. Mary to Logan Pass for a short time, that section of the road has reopened, offering visitors as chance to enjoy a beautiful, wintery world. Photo by National Park Service.

a potential supergirl episode:

kara accidentally reveals to the world that she is in fact, supergirl.

as a result the deo helps her assume a new identity, a new name in a new city where she can be free again.

but first they enlist the help of one of the top identity experts in the united states of america, nay, the world.

‘she’s a genius. she’ll help you,’ jonn says. 

kara is introduced to a girl with brown hair.

‘this is miley,’ jonn tells kara. ‘you might know her better as hannah. hannah montana.’ kara is losing her mcfreaking shit. 

‘it’s so nice to meet you, hannah. i mean miley. i mean–’

‘it’s ok. nobody’s perfect.’ miley tells her. ‘i’m just here to teach you how you can have the best of both worlds.’


Small waterfall with epic background, Glacier National Park