If you really think about it, I think Scrooge McDuck is basically the only honest and richest businessman in the animated world. Everyone else in the animated world basically are dishonest or did some very illegal things to get where they are now.

I shall run down the list.

1. Flintheart Glomgold (Ducktales) - Where do I begin here? Well, Whenever there’s some sort of contest for treasure or a business related event against Scrooge, Flintheart basically cheats his way for it. And he’s tried to kill Scrooge a few times too.

2. Montana Max (Tiny Toon Adventures) - This little brat kicked his own parents out of the family business in a hostile takeover and does whatever it takes to get his way. Plus he loves to cheat in anything ever especially against the honest Buster Bunny.

3. Charles Montgomery Burns (the Simpsons) - Is this one very obvious since Burns once stole oil that was found in the town’s elementary school and supplied terrorists with nuclear technology?  Plus he supplied the Germans with shells in WWII but his worked dammit! Or course he was fighting alongside America at the time so that does say alot about the man.

4. Mom of MomCorp (Futurama) - This evil monopoly tyrant once controlled the world’s robots in a rebelling to become ruler of Earth. And brainwashed the entire city to buy her newest model of phone through a a Twitter contest between a feud between two friends. Not to mention that she preforms illegal experiments on humans in her free time. Do I need to say more?

5.  Mr. Eugene Krabs (Spongebob Squarepants) - This fellow here will do anything to make a dollar. Krabs may seem like an honest business person at first but he once enslaved millions of jellyfish for his own restaurant. Also, Krabs loves going through people’s trash and selling it back to them for a price. And did I mention he grave robbed a grave to sell what he thought was a million dollar hat? Not to mention that he doesn’t follow union labor laws at his own restaurant.

6. Thaddeus Plotz (Animaniacs) - This fictional CEO of the Warner Brothers Studios would do anything to gain money to the studio. He once did not held his end of the bargain to the Warners when they were on their best behavior when a bunch of foreign investors came to the studion with a million dollar check and wanted to meet everybody who worked at the studio. And he fired his own father.

7. Eddy (Ed Edd N’ Eddy) - Eddy is the king of scammers. He’ll do anything to make a quick buck so he can full his jawbreaker addiction. Of course, Eddy has caused pain to the Cul-de-sac which usually ends up in pain for him and his two lackeys.


French Montana FT The Weeknd & Max B - A Lie (Official Video) (New)

  • Ben : Die Leute sollen in den Comments drunter schreiben wie sie zu Radler stehen und warum.
  • Konrad: Das ist doch ..
  • Ben: Ich bezieh da klar Stellung.
  • Konrad: Das ist doch keine Glaubensfrage.
  • Ben: Doch!
  • Max: Wie siehst du das denn mit Pesto?
  • Ben: Pesto ist n' Gewürz, dass gehandhabt wird wie ne Soße und ne Soße die gehandhabt wird wie ein Gewürz, auf Ölbasis. Braucht kein Schwein! Entweder ich will Soße oder keine Soße. Das ist wie Mineralwasser Medium ,da kann ich auch nichts für übrig haben.
  • Konrad: Also im Endeffekt gefällt es dir nicht wenn Dinge sich mischen?
  • Ben: Nein, mir gefällt Wischiwaschi nicht. Ich will' entweder n' Bier oder ne Sprite, ich will entweder Soße oder keine Soße und ich will Bubbles oder keine Bubbles. Punkt!