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Can you do a dating would include on Roman Bürki please. I accidentally sent this as a message before and I'm not sure if you got it.

  • getting matching tattoos; just your initials on the ring finger of your left hand; actually he is the one who surprises you with the tattoo and you love it so much that you also want to get one with his initials, he held your other hand during the whole procedure even though you were too excited to feel any pain
  • neck kisses when you hug him; because he’s just so tall and you can’t reach his lips when you’re not standing on your tiptoes so you end up kissing just whatever you can reach, the best part about it that he is a bit ticklish
  • waking him up with kisses on his back; he always sleeps on his tummy and shirtless, so every morning when you wake up before him you slide down the bed and make your way up, leaving kisses all over his bare back, he wakes up with a low groan that makes his whole body vibrate which on its own makes you giggle; this usually turns into spending the whole morning in bed if you’re both free, enjoying slow lazy kisses and soft touches
  • “Babe, which filter should I use?”; every single time when he’s about to post a photo on Instagram; “Should I use this one or that one?” and whatever your answer might be, 90% of the time he chooses the other one
  • being a tiny little bit jealous;“Must you always do shirtless photoshoots?”; it’s not that you don’t appreciate it, he is gorgeous and his body is magnificent, you just have a problem when others are appreciating it as well
  • wearing matching outfits; you always rock a jeans and a white t-shirt look together
  • staring at your lips before kissing you; he does that a lot, while you’re talking his eyes would suddenly fall on your lips and a smirk will appear on his face, when you ask what, with a smile of your own, he’d just lean forward and kiss you

KAABOO ArtworK at KAABOO Del Mar.

During the weekend of Friday, September 18th through Sunday, September 20th KAABOO Del Mar in Del Mar (San Diego), California will showcase an array of visual stimulation from world-renowned contemporary artists and galleries in a brand new addition known as KABOO ArtworK adding a unique facet to the KAABOO ‘mixperience.’ The inaugural Artwork roster features live mural painting, intricate sculpture installations, and unique exhibitions by globally acclaimed artists and galleries, featuring: Aaron Glasson, Amandalynn, Apex, Brendan Monroe, Celeste Byers, David Young V, Dirty Bandits, Distinction Gallery, Erik Otto, HOT TEA, Hueman, Ian Ross, Jade Rivera, Jet Martinez, Kamea Hadar, Kelly Ording, Lucien Shapiro, Luna Rienne Gallery, Marcas Gallery, Minka Sicklinger, 111 Minna, Pangeaseed, Rocha Art, Tatiana Suarez, Victor Roman , and many more.

The ArtworK gallery will also host a variety of pop up exhibitions, an art fair, and a KAABOO Art Exhibition curated by San Francisco-based artist and KAABOO’s Art Director, Amandalynn.

Beyond ArtworK, KAABOO will feature headlining performances from No Doubt, The Killers and Zac Brown Band and many others offering music aficionados an unforgettable three days of performances on seven stages.  The fun doesn’t even end there though as FIVE other experiences aside from Artwork will be taking place: Humor Me, Palate, Indulgences, Encore, and Posh Nosh.  All of this takes place just hundreds of feet from the Pacific Ocean.

I’m personally beyond excited to say I’ll be covering all the art and murals for Supersonic live from the festival.  So be sure and check Supersonic Art’s Instagram and KAABOO Artwork’s Instagram out for the latest.

Continue below for an epic video primer for KAABOO ArtworK:

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