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What stores are nearby Smith? Is there a local library or book store I love to read YA fiction?

There are a lot of stores in downtown Northampton and the surrounding area - everything from clothing stores like Urban Outfitters, to grocery stores and departments stores, to markets, cafes, restaurants - you name it. Including, yes bookstores! Here is a link to all the SmithBySmithies posts about NoHo, and here is a post my fellow blogger Sara (@sarasmithie) made titled “Five Livesavers in Northampton). There are four bookstores downtown that I can think of off the top of my head: Raven Used Books, Broadside Books, Booklink Booksellers (located in Thornes), and The Old Book Shop. There is also the Book Mill located in Montague, MA (located on the Mill River) which is about a half hour drive from Smith but definitely worth the trip! Additionally, Smith has four libraries - Neilson, Hillyer, Josten, and Young (although Neilson will be undergoing construction over the next several years) - that have a wide array of types of books. You can also access any books in the libraries of any of the other Five Colleges (Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, Amherst, and UMass). Northampton’s public library, Forbes, is extremely close to Smith’s campus. Here are some maps for reference:  

Hope this helps! :)

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