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Alright Shonda..

If my show is cancelled anyway I need you to get their asses (the cast) back in the studio and work double time before July 8th to give me the ending that I deserve. I want Rosvolio to fall in love, kiss a lot, proclaim their love in dramatic angsty scenes, Benvolio to climb up her balcony and let her know that he is counting the hours until they wed, and I need a flash forward finale with pretty little mocha skinned, curly haired Rosvolio babies (boy and girl) complete with being spoiled by their parents and the citizens of Verona as they run through the streets. Benvolio and Rosaline waking up bodies curled together complete with rolling around in bed with Benvolio inevitably pinning Rosaline down, sweeping a curl from her forehead and planting a soft needy kiss on her lips. I would love a couple’s bath where she’s in back and he’s laying back on her chest, eyes closed letting her stroke away the stress of his day (too much to ask?) No. Good. I’ll expect all of this before the finale, so chop chop.

For anyone who has read the book, please send me the excerpt (or page number so I could find it online) of the book when Ben and Rosaline confess their love. Not entirely sure how it goes down or who admitted first, and I wanted to read for myself. Or if you want to let me know how it goes down that works too lol. Please and thank you!

so, like,,
i’ve rewatched the rosvolio picnic scene 16+ times by now and what really gets me is that ben just… /searches/ her face with his eyes the entire time and it looks so intimate and tender and i dunno if it’s an acting choice of wade’s or not but
bravo, my dude

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Hey there! How do you feel about these prompts? Feel free to pick and choose what you feel. No pressure. 1. Rosvolio find out they actually have alot in common (their difficult guardians etc) 2. Benvolio creates something for Rosaline. 3. Benvolio gives Rosaline something that belonged to his mother. 4. Rosvolio on their wedding night. Thanks so much!

“What is that noise?”

Rosaline looks up from her book at Livia sitting next to her. She frowns slightly, confused as to what could have disturbed her sister’s thoughts, before she hears it too – the small sound of a pebble against her window. Both sisters share a look before they stand as one and run toward the balcony. Rosaline lets out a disbelieving huff of breath at the sight of Benvolio beneath her window, while Livia groans a little.

“Rosaline, Rosaline, let down your hair,” he singsongs with a grin.

“Montague, what are you doing?” Rosaline looks above her shoulder quickly, then down the street. She may not be fond of the man, but it doesn’t mean she wants her cousins to murder him the moment they find him in the gardens. Before they see how close to the vine Romeo climbed he is.

“I wanted to see you before tomorrow.”

Rosaline’s heart drops in her stomach at the thought. Tomorrow. The wedding they can no longer postpone nor cancel, for they still haven’t found their common enemy and have run out of time. Reading was but a distraction from things to come, and Benvolio only serves as a painful reminder that tomorrow she will be free from her aunt’s scorn, only to become a Montague wife.

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ssc modern!au pt 2

- Mercutio ‘MOVE I’M GAY’ Montague

- Ben is bi, and he doesn’t announce it, but he doesn’t hide it either. it’s his own business. but he always goes to pride and the only time he got arrested was in high school for making fake IDs for his trans friends; Mr. Montague bailed him out but used it against Ben from then on.

- the only reason he knew how to make fakes was for him and the boys buying alcohol and sneaking into clubs from the age of 15

- Ros and Liv and Jules 100% got friendship tattoos when they turned 18 but had to get them in easy to conceal places so Jules’ dad didn’t find out & Ros definitely has like 4 ear piercings

- Ben vs Modern Art being a thing
– he loves classical architecture and will talk for hours about the skill and details of the old masters, but take him to a modern art museum and he’ll straight up stand there like ‘thats a circle. THATS A FUCKING ORANGE BLOB. what the fuck. mercutio could do that’ ‘HEY!’
– gets into arguments w the art students over it & is banned from the local modern art museum for telling them it was elitist and pretentious and inviting the security guards to blow him as he was being escorted from the building
– Mercutio recorded the whole thing and it went viral        

- Isabella and Escalus went to private school but spent the summers in verona & Isabella went to an all girl’s boarding school. She missed her friends while she was gone, but it also was the place where she realized she was hella gay.

- Ros volunteered at the local orphanage from the age of 14. whenever her & the girls are out, they’ll get stopped every half hour by kids or young adults who she used to watch out for. they love her, and Ros gets free coffee or food from so many places bc ‘her kids’ work there, but she always uses her favours for other people
– aka, Ben gets like thirty shovel talks about not hurting her when they do start dating, because Ros is universally loved

- Juliet and Livia loved drama class and were those Annoying Theatre Kids, and Ros went to every single show they were ever in and was aggressively supportive of them. Jules usually got the lead bc her father was a school governor, but Liv played Blanche in a streetcar named desire in their sophomore year and Ros wept in the audience.  

I can’t wait for them to bond some more while sleuthing around to find out the origins of their families feuding. You know Rose and Ben are starting to care about each other from the trailer him yelling at her to run for it and she looking frightened for him. That’s my favorite part, Rosaline being worried about Benvolio’s life even tho afterwards they’ll deny, deny, deny lol. I hope Ben will tease her saying I didn’t think you cared about me that much, Capulet. And grinning at her wise*ss retort.  

Just Thought I’d Check in on My Beloved - Pt 7

Marriage suited Benvolio and Rosaline far better than anyone could have expected.  Livia followed them into their new home, and had truly blossomed since being restored to her proper station as a lady.  While Verona still had a long road of mending ahead before true peace would be established, Rosaline had been shocked to see that even the Lords Montague and Capulet had started to work together instead of against one another.  Everything had truly started to fall into place; she’d grown accustomed to running her own home, Benvolio had established himself well now that he was out from under his uncle’s oppressive thumb (and the God-awful reputation that once followed him), and the pair strengthened their bond with each passing day.  

They did not often see one another during the day, when her husband managed Montague business with his uncle and Rosaline worked alongside their staff; the first thing they’d done was ensure any servants sent by their uncles were well-paid and provided for, much to Damiano Montague’s ire.  Benvolio ensured that he made it home to her before dinner each night, which they shared with Livia (and oftentimes Count Paris, who had elected to spend a season in Verona…to establish positive trade relations with both the Montagues and Capulets, of course).  From there, they would occasionally spend the evening out, visiting the theater, perusing the market, attending formal dinners and balls as expected.  

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Still Star-Crossed

Guys, we have until July 8 to change the minds of ABC network for this show to get another season. Like fuck this deserves many more seasons. Even though Torrance Coombs recent tweet did say the rest of season 1 will be aired, still. This show needs and absolutely deserves love and appreciation.
So ssc fans, spread the word as much as you can, cause this show has become my life and I’m sure y'all feel the same about it.
Social media is the strongest platform to make many more people watch this show and fall in love it just like we did. LETS DO IT GUYS !!! Cause only us viewers can bring this show back from getting cancelled.
ABC: Save Still Star-Crossed
Full letter to ABC Studios: To whomever this may concern, Over the course of a few months we have endured cancellations of quite a few diverse shows. Some prime examples are Sense8, The Get Down, and Pitch. These shows were important to a lot of viewers for various of reasons. Not only did these...

Please sign this petition! it takes less than five minutes! Our society needs show like this one!!!

I just read Romeo and Juliet to be better prepared for writing Rosvolio fic, and I just need everyone to know that the actual literal first time Benvolio appears, he immediately tries to break up a fight between Capulet and Montague men, which Tybalt misinterprets as him participating in the fight. 

Tybalt then challenges him to fight after all, at which point all hell breaks loose: The citizens of Verona appear to yell at them and, I quote, “beat them down” with clubs. Lord Capulet shows up in his dressing gown and immediately demands that someone bring him his sword so that he can have a go at “old Montague” who also appears, as if summoned by the opportunity to piss off Lord Capulet. Everyone fights until the Prince arrives and gives them all a good talking-to (and also makes fighting in the streets punishable by death). It is pandemonium. 

The point of this is that before it gets sad and terrible, Romeo and Juliet is funny as fuck, Lords Montague and Capulet are exactly as portrayed on the show, and peaceful but misunderstood puppy Benvolio is actually canon. Like, literary-masterpiece-level canon. 

That is all. 

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Do you think still star-crossed is going to be renewed? :( I want a season 2 so bad!

Join the club, buddy!

I really hope the show gets renewed; everything about it so beautiful, from the cast to the scenery to the costumes. I like the idea of this mysterious society fueling the flames between the Montagues and Capulets (even though they did such awful things to Romeo’s body, holy fuck).

But we haven’t seen a lot of promotion for the show, and it doesn’t trend very long. 

For example, Monday night, Still Star-Crossed trended on tumblr at #9 before moving to #5 for a while before dropping down again. All the other tags stayed on the list much longer.

But the show is still young, so hopefully - hopefully, hopefully - it gets renewed. I would love for this show to continue.