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Hey Homestuck Epilogue coming out 2018!

Wait, what? I thought when Andrew alluded to that forever ago he meant the snapchat stuff? *checks the new announcements…*

Viz will also be involved in the release of the mysterious epilogue project I alluded to a while ago. Details on format, release date, etc, will remain undisclosed until further notice, but you can expect more information about that to surface next year too. I wanted to do something a little unusual for it, something existing outside the confines of the web story. Working with Viz struck me as good opportunity for this. 

…Huh! So the initially-snapchat montage wasn’t everything he had planned? Interesting! (Though, 2018 is just when we get more details, not when it’s planned to be released.)

I’m not expecting anything theory related, but I’ll still likely enjoy whatever’s coming at least as much as that delightful montage-ending thing and the snapchat stories we’ve received in the interim.~


A very interesting video of Chen Taijiquan applications. After the initial montage of techniques, the video shows each move done in-form and against another person. I would have made gifs, but I can’t download the video.

Women want the same wherever they are – to feed, protect, and educate their children and take charge of their own destiny. The only difference between the women we met in India and the women we are is geography. As our trip drew to a close, we knew our world would never be the same again. And we pledged to one another that we would do all that we could to make a lasting and sustainable difference in their lives…