drew some scrappy and very very late to the game designs for those adventure boys



yup, well, he’s a total dummy who accidentally pushes peoples buttons, steps off on the wrong foot with almost everybody, and trips over himself all day. how does anybody HANDLE HIM??? :^/ 
despite that, he’s real dorky and sweet… loves dogs and sleeping and prefers to sneak away from fights while his companion handles it :^) 

Seventeen Kinks (Hip Hop Unit)

Prompt: “ Also Seventeen for that kink thingy”
Obviously smut, so please don’t read if you don’t like it.

S. Coups:

  • Definitely a dom
  • Not necessarily daddy, but def a dom
  • Kitten play
  • Would love to see you dressed in lingerie with kitten ears and a collar
  • Would also love to handcuff your hands to the headboard
  • Overstimulation
  • Lip biting
  • Thigh riding
  • Some nights he’d just want to make love
  • A gentle reminder that he loves you
  • Nights like those would be focused on your comfort and pleasure.


  • Sub
  • Wants you to ride him
  • Would want you to sit on his face
  • Scratching
  • Rope/handcuffs
  • Dirty talking
  • Expect deep moans
  • Hickies
  • Light hair pulling


  • Switch, but leans more towards dom
  • Not a lot of kinks
  • Light hair pulling
  • Praise kink
  • Giving/receiving oral
  • Kitchen sex
  • Would lift up your skirt and eat you out on the kitchen counter
  • Maybe food play


  • Not into the sub/dom thing
  • Skype/phone sex
  • Would love to have sex in any room of the house
  • Mutual masturbation
  • Could get off on your moans
  • Sex toys
  • Light lip biting
  • Dirty talking
  • Shower sex

anonymous asked:

How would Ut, Uf , and Us sans react if their s/o said they had to leave for a while because they felt like they were putting sans in danger by being with him?

UT!Sans: Babe, i appreciate it but c’mon. You’re living in a house of monsters. If anything, they can protect you. He doesn’t know who’s after you, but they don’t stand a chance against him, Papyrus and Undyne. If you still feel the need to leave after his long talk of trying to convince you to stay, he offers to help you. You’re not going to go through this alone. Besides, he can teleport you from safe house to safe house while still being near you.

UF!Sans: He starts laughing. ‘’That’s a fun joke, sweetheart. But you think I’d be in less danger because ya leave?’’ He’s not exactly popular among some monsters, and he can take whatever it is you’re throwing at him. He’s not letting you go off on your own with a potential threat around. Besides, have you seen him? He might scare them off for you without having to lift a finger himself. He’ll protect the both of you, promise.

US!Sans: He’s extremely worried for you now. And he wont let you leave without him, that would be stupid. You should know that The Magnificent Sans will be here to protect you. If it makes you feel safer, he’ll ask Papy to teleport him around to places. And he also drags you with him to training. That way you can see that he can protect himself and you, and you’ll also learn to protect yourself from both monster and human attacks.

i absolutely love kanan and ezra’s relationship i love how much they obviously care about each other especially in season 1 they dont try and hide that at all its not a traditional more macho student and teacher bond they GENUINELY CARE FOR AND LOVE EACH OTHER and dont try and hide that for the sake of the whole Real Men Dont Cry Over Each Other trope that happens so much especially in scifi and i LOVE it i love space dad and his space son so much i love all their visible anguish when the other is in trouble and i love their hugs and how gently kanan talks to him in the first season i LOVE them