Eyeshield 21 evolution: first chapters to last chapters | 2/?
ES21 is a series where characters evolved incredibly both in character
design through the artist's maturing style, and in psychological development through countless events and adventures that changed them for the

Monta is probably the one whose design changed the most, and somehow
with time he looked younger... Regardless, he matured a lot, learning tomove on from important memories that imprisoned him. He was always hard headed but he came to understand that giving up could help him change
for the best.
Juumonji and the huhu bros have one of the best character development inthe series. From freeloading delinquents, the discovery of football gavethem something to focus on and prove their worth to the world, when seemingly everyone had given up on them.
Shin stayed the same intense and somewhat oblivious boy throughout the
series, and although we don't see a lot of his personality, I believe hebecame softer and opened up to people, probably thanks to Sena.
Sakuraba went trough a whole load of phases, and didn't stop getting
stronger no matter the obstacles. The moment he understood he had to
work for himself and not only to get out of Shin's shadow was probably
the breakthrough for him. He stayed a pretty boy, but with football as
his only goal! (I swear I didn't choose this picture on purpose or maybe I did)