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Stay Professional! Part 5

Work AU! Fluff and Angst: Jungkook x Reader

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Summary: Jungkook offers you a job as an apology for his rude behaviour and hopes to get to know a little more about you- despite the rough first encounter, he finds himself pondering and wondering about you. Is this much more than a just a professional relationship? 

A/N: This is going to be longer than usual because I having been updating! (My laptop is in a dodgy state so please bare with me for late updates. As always, thanks for reading!) 

“I was calling to let you know that I’m interested in the job offer.” 

Jungkook’s face brightened up despite his eye-bags heavy on his delicate features. “That’s great. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll call you as soon as I find a spot for you.” 

The sweet velvety voice that belonged to Jungkook was completely different to what you normally heard during your time at his company: his pleasing low and cool tones that surely charmed the entire office. His gentle chuckles were indescribably sexy yet it possessed a slight ring of innocence to it. You’d never thought that he would be so sweet- so suddenly reassuring and loving. It was completely different from what you originally thought of him- stuck up, stunning and selfish. Stunning was in-fact, still a fact. 

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Bet Vermin makes it all about her:

My dad, me, me, me, bow down now that I’m cheer captain, eewww poors, name drop, name drop, mont blanc pen, watch me be pretentious and annoying

Make sure you don’t accept any Starbuck’s Betty….

Okay, on the Rewatch

LBR….the REAL reason Juggie ran away to Southside was because Vermin bothered him and he really had no patience for hearing about her dad or her mont blanc pen…..

And, of course, Starbucks….  @ficmuse

bound4hell  asked:

Ok so, your sunglasses stream is fucking perfect tbh. ALL THE TONY IN SUNGLASSES!!!!!!! I was fine, I swear. But IM HAVING A MELTDOWN OVER TONY PUTTING THE WAR IN WARDROBE.

The “war in wardrobe” oh my god yes

Because not all armors are metal

Talk to me about the little boy who struggled to tie the shoelaces of his first Converse shoes but had paid such undivided attention to Howard as he knotted his bow tie that he knew exactly how to do it on his own the first time he touched one

Tony Stark who very early on went through specialists that would rid him of the Italian accent he’d learned at home from Maria. Young Tony Stark and his immaculate hair – young Tony who hated getting a haircut because he would have to sit so still, for so long, for hours, because it was imperative that his hair was done right. Young Tony who very soon absorbs notions that what you feel is not as important as the way you present yourself

Young Tony refusing to remove his jacket during a cotillion, even though it’s hot and other boys have done it – earlier that night, he spilled some fruit punch on his shirt and if his father sees it – God, he doesn’t even want to think about it, better to just keep it covered

Seven-year-old Tony, who has witnessed his mother being driven to tears by his father’s slurred abuse, is shipped off to boarding school. He only sees his family on holidays, maybe some weekends. Young Tony adapting to a disjointed, faulty narrative, where everything was wrong while he was in the house, but now that he’s away, he sees his parents from the outside and they are just – glorious powers in New York high society

It’s not about what you feel and what happens on the backstage: it’s about what you externalize when others are watching.

(Or maybe it was all his fault. Maybe everything looked so much more stable because he was removed from home. Like he was the problem. Maybe that explains it. Maybe.)



Tony Stark was having dinner with world-famous business tycoons since before he was tall enough to ride the most dangerous roller coasters. He went to Disney World for the first time as a “field trip” with his father, not to go on the rides but learn about the way the Disney corporate structure manifests

Tony seeing Howard shaking hands with someone before mumbling about how much he disliked that person after they’re gone

Tony was insulted so damn much inside his own house and in his own school that one day, when he’s 21 and has just taken over Stark Industries and everyone thinks he’s too young and inexperienced, he’s ruthlessly questioned in front of the cameras – and he takes it in a stride

Tony Stark who knows exactly what to say in order to draw the most adverse reaction from the press, and he sometimes did it for kicks because in the business of killing, he had to find little ways to feel alive

Tony Stark, smiling as he shakes hands with business rivals. Tony Stark waging battles with his vision and a Mont Blanc pen

Tony Stark lying to people. Lying to himself

Tony Stark finally getting back in touch with everything he almost lost while he rebuilds himself after captivity

(He wishes he could have found the exact nuances of his mother’s Italian accent again, but he can’t anymore)

Tony Stark who knows so much about traditional corporate structure that at one point he just decides to subvert all of it – and we get Circuits Maximus, Stark Solutions, Resilient. Tony Stark, maverick genius entrepreneur, will turn any given venture into a fuckin gold mine. Tony Stark, most coveted guest speaker for MBA programs

Tony Stark, building his own armors, and then wearing them, letting them consume him, or using them to storm into the future – since before he even knew it was happening

Tony stARK fuck I love Tony Stark

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anonymous asked:

Bughead looks a lot more "cozy" in the new bughead still...

Yep, still looks like Betty has her hand on his junk. Or at least his upper thigh….his arm is around her, too. Meanwhile, they both look like “eeehhhhh yeaahhhhh….we love each other, but hate both you assholes, however, you sorta helped so we’ll put up with you for five minutes before we ditch ya”.

Betty, particularly, cause there’s an element of, “yeah, figured out VermDouche already, DGAF cause I can’t stand either of you. If you wanna give BJs to that moron and YOU wanna listen to her prattle about her fucking mont blanc pen, go right ahead, you losers deserve each other”

anonymous asked:

I'm loykey annoyed how the Veronica stans brings up how she's the one that found Jughead by say to look for him at Pop's. Because Betty & Archie who are his best friends don't know him that well -___- Only reason the writers had her know is so that we won't be pissed at her for going around Bughead's back. Honestly V is a shitty person.

I’m not even lowkey annoyed!! I spent that episode wanting to smack “daddy, me, fancy, eeewww poors, me, daddy, mont blanc pen”. And the funny thing is, I’M a snotty person who likes NYC, nice things and Audrey Hepburn!!!

Annndddd….lest we forget, they had all just been at Pop’s looking for him—so to not immediately expect him to be in the place they already looked, isn’t really that strange. I’m with you, Vermin fucking sucks on every level and really, really, REALLY rubbed me the wrong way.

I honestly hope we have a scene next season of Jughead telling her what snide, pretentious crap she is and that he only tolerates her for Betty’s and Archie’s sake. Orrrrr she does something shitty to one of them and he freely admits he always hated that shady rubbish

anonymous asked:

I like that she was in silk and my boytoi are doing what? And you didn't invite mua? Even Archie is concerned about Jughead after his dad has been put in prison and we know he's like so not with it a lot...oh, mua will help you...lemme take my time and put on my fur coat and reapply my MAC and I'll be there...

And all pissy that she wasn’t included so she could be a big fucking drag, BTW, it isn’t THAT weird that Betty and Douchie didn’t immediately think to go back to the place they had just been to, with NO JUGGIE in sight….

I found her endless, “my dad, me, me, me, eeewww pooors!!! Mont blanc pen, yuh-huh Jughead, your dad’s a criminal and sucks!!!” to be really, really irritating

anonymous asked:

Well this is funny it seems in a article, Camila said with things like Twitter, they can see what fans like and what fans don't like. So she thinks going into season 2, they really know what people are interested in. If that's true, than I guess they know what fans like/want/interested in and that's BUGHEAD! Oh she also said Archie is going to be going through this really traumatic experience, and Veronica's going to have to be there to help with that burden. So really she's hyping up A/V ship.

Well, since that and “my dad, me, mont blanc pen” are the only story lines Vermin really has, I guess she kinda has to, no???? :-) However, I kinda suspect Vermie won’t be by Douchie side for long when it starts to look like mommy and daddy ordered the hit on Freddydoodle