130518 #happyYBdayHappy Birthday to my sweetest chocolate,ice cream and lollipop candy~(◡‿◡✿) that sounds wrong but oh well lol  I hope you enjoy your day and have fun with your family and friends. I’m really thankful to God and your parents that they gave us such a wonderful person like you, Youngbae. (aah I’m not really good in writing cheesy lines so yeah)..I’m also thankful to you cos you’re one of my inspirations on my studies together with the BIGBBANG members, you guys light up my world like nobody else ..once again to my ultimate bias, Have a Happy Birthday and I hope you’ll have more blessings to come! (ΘεΘ;)

“As much as possible, set your dreams higher. Because dreams give every person equal opportunities” – Taeyang