Hey kiddies! It’s time for an eek-clusive Monstroville sneak preview. So grab your favorite bowl of teeth rotting breakfast cereal, sit back and enjoy!


Hey kids! It’s time for a Saturday Morning special sneak preview of your favorite cartoon show Monstroville starring Edward Von Ghastly, and his best robot pal Gear. So grab your bowl of tooth rotting cereal, and get ready for a real scream!


These designs were done for Monstroville created by Viktor Von Kreep (aka: O'Neal Pignani), And headed up by Miah Alcorn. Lots of other great people on this as well. Make sure you head on over to the site and check it out. Some of these are over there as well but hey, I want to put em here too!
Lots more to come…

  1. Yosuke & Chie
  2. Wizard & Sorceress
  3. Sasuke & Guren
  4. Keigo & Mizuho
  5. Toby & Erica
  6. Haseo & Alkaid
  7. Luke & Ion
  8. Sun Ce & Cai Wenji
  9. Wild Grinders & Stubford
  10. Deuce (original) & Abbey
  11. Amane & Bullet
  12. Hayate & Rachael
  13. Ricken & Emmeryn
  14. Doug & Forte
  15. Kevin & Abel

Hanging out after Combat Radio interview today talking about new project together Monstroville


Hey kiddies, Happy Saturday morning! Here’s a very special sneak preview of our upcoming creepy cartoon show!

Watch out for Von Kreep in charge of "Swamp Ape Studios"
Hello, fellow artists! Today I come to you regarding the issue of a fake studio that goes by the name “Swamp Ape Studios” being ran by a notorious scam artist by the name of O’neal Pignani, or better known as Von Kreep.

Please follow this link to learn more. For a more in depth thread of those sharing their experiences with this guy, go here.
Now, before I go on any further I’d like to mention that I worked for this guy. It wasn’t long before I heard the horror stories from others who worked for O’Neal. Things usually follow the same pattern. Kreep hires a team of animators to do his bidding, and when he receives compensation, no one on the team sees the money. Besides him, of course. This is something that he’s done for well over five years. Everyone knows that once you’re a scam artist, you’re always a scam artist.
Artists, be aware of Von Kreep’s recent project “Monstroville.”

Or at least I would say “recent” had it not been for the fact he’s been scamming people with this very project for over five years!
O’neal told me to pay no mind to anyone warning me about him. He claimed that people did not pay “him” for “his” services, when it’s the other way around.
There’s so much proof against this guy, it doesn’t even make sense how people choose to believe him over those he’s abused.
Now, how can you help?
There are tons of artists, animators, voice actors and only one O’Neal! If we could spread this around enough, he wouldn’t be able to use anyone else again!
Don’t let something like this get swept under the rug. If you know anyone working for O’neal Pignani or you are working for him yourself, please warn them or get out of there! If you think that he would never take advantage of you, you’re wrong! So many others thought the same too. You’re not special to him. You’re just part of his sick game.


Hey spooksters! Here’s the latest Monstroville teaser. Enjoy!