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Hello, guys!! :D)))  It`s time to upload a yummy set, I have worked on for a while.. Ta-Daaaa! I converted nine objects from TS4 “Movie Hangout” - one of my fav packs, and I`m kind of proud of it!

But I must WARN you, guys, my objects generally never have shadows, since I can`t make them look decent in the game. Really sorry about that!

Let`s go to the sunny side! :D I`m very pleased how the chairs turned out to be - they have an additional subset and now you can mix and match wood and fabric as your heart desires!! The glass hanging planters (I`m so in love!!!) need IKEA+AL, the wall tapestry - AL. The palm plant gave me the hardest time, I believe, it was clipping through wall monstrously and still would if you use these <> buttons to turn it, but in regular positions it behaves.

…And look at this little cutie!

Flea market is just around the corner! :D Enjoy!

Credit: Panda, Keoni, EA, Maxis, Sims 4 Studio


Aren’t you supposed to be Sakata Gintoki? The man who’s let so much slip away, who’s failed to protect so much, but swore that he would never run away from his responsibilities! Didn’t you promise her husband?! Once you’ve decided to protect something, you’ll protect it to the very end! Isn’t that what makes you Sakata Gintoki?!

So what if Otose-san’s life was in danger?! That isn’t enough to kill Otose-san off! It isn’t enough to kill us off! It isn’t enough to kill you off! Because you’re going to protect us! Because we’re going to protect you! Isn’t that what Yorozuya is about? Isn’t that how the three of us protected so much over the years?

Put aside what you guys think about political cartoons and listen to me for a moment. If Trump loses on the 8th, conservative political cartoonists are going to have a miniature Renaissance. They’ll be putting out some horrifying Hieronymus Bosch shit. I’m talking like Hillary and Obama both dressed up like klansmen crucifying a naked Donald Trump while monstrously grotesque donkeys named “Immigration” and “Obamacare” feed on an elephant’s corpse in ridiculously gory detail. Ronald Regan is looking down from the clouds crying, and Hillary has naked Paul Ryan with a ball gag in his mouth on a chain. In the background there’s just a huge pile of dead bodies marked “the middle class” with a note saying they were killed by zika for no fucking reason. Pepe is there.

A witch puts a spell on a girl, a sleeping spell that promises the girl shall wake through true love’s kiss. Men come and kiss her. She slumbers. Women come and press their lips to hers, but still she sleeps. Many years past, and the girl remains still. One bright morning,  a lost little boy finds her resting spot and clears the dust and grime from her face. He offers her a kiss on her forehead, and her eyes flutter open. She never feels romantic love for a man nor a woman, and she cares for the boy until the day she dies.

A young woman is imprisoned in a castle by a monstrously formed prince. The servants of the castle hope for them to fall in love, and when the spell is broken they assume their prayers have been answered. They are all surprised, but nonetheless pleased, when it is revealed to them that the young woman and prince are the truest of friends, and nothing more.

They say the kingdom is ruled by an evil queen, a woman who is incapable of loving. She is unmarried, she has no consorts, and she wishes for no partner. She is the wretched queen, the heartless queen. She must hate her daughter, for her daughter is beautiful, and women are incapable of liking another woman who’s prettier than themselves. It must be for this reason that the princess was sent away, not for how she was attacked by a man in the woods. They say the kingdom is ruled by an evil queen because she cannot love. The queen loves her daughter, and that is enough for them both.

There lives a prince who is forced to choose a bride at the ball. He meets many beautiful women, but find none which he loves. He spies one in a gorgeous gown and wonder in her eyes, and he dances with her all night long. The kingdom is sure he has found his bride. When the clock strikes midnight he tells her how he will never love a woman, or a man, in the way he is expected to. The beautiful woman smiles and tells him she expects nothing from him. The next morning the prince and the beautiful woman are missing, having run off together to see the world. They leave their shoes behind in their haste.

Many kinds of love exist. It doesn’t all have to be romantic.


On Wednesday, We Need Diverse Books™ advisory board member Jacqueline Woodson–author of the marvelous Brown Girl Dreaming–was one of several authors honored with a National Book Award. As has been reported on various websites, host Daniel Handler made a number of racist remarks during that night, including regarding Jacqueline Woodson. Handler has since apologized and said:

My remarks on Wednesday night at #NBAwards were monstrously inappropriate and yes, racist.  It would be heartbreaking for the #NBAwards conversation to focus on my behavior instead of great books. So can we do this? Let’s donate to #WeNeedDiverseBooks to #CelebrateJackie.  I’m in for $10,000, and matching your money for 24 hours up to $100,000. Brown Girl Dreaming is an amazing novel and we need more voices like Jacqueline Woodson.

Many people on Twitter have urged Handler to donate to our fundraiser, and we’re glad to see this has had an effect. For twenty-four hours starting at 8AM EST on Friday, November 21, Handler is doubling donations–up to $100,000–made to the We Need Diverse Books campaign. If anyone has been intending to donate, we’d like to suggest they do it within this time frame to let their donation count double.

Among many other goals (detailed on the fundraiser page), we intend to use these donations to fund publishing internships for people from diverse backgrounds in an effort to diversify the publishing industry behind the scenes. We believe that’s an important step toward making the industry more welcoming to people of all backgrounds and prevent mistakes like Wednesday’s.

To center this conversation back on National Book Award winner Jacqueline Woodson and her astonishing accomplishment, we have added several special today-only #CelebrateJackie perks to our fundraiser. Donors can choose to receive signed books, including her most recent release Brown Girl Dreaming.

Please spread the word and #CelebrateJackie!


He drained it down, and yawned, and filled it once again. If I drink enough fire wine, he told himself, perhaps I’ll dream of dragons.
When he was still a lonely child in the depths of Casterly Rock, he oft rode dragons through the nights, pretending he was some lost Targaryen Princeling, or a Valyrian dragonlord soaring high o’er fields and mountains. Once when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his name day, he begged them for a dragon.  “It wouldn’t need to be a big one.  It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.


He was weak from imprisonment, and chained at the wrists. No knight in the Seven Kingdoms could have stood against him at his full strength, with no chains to hamper him. Jaime had done many wicked things, but the man could fight! His maiming had been monstrously cruel. It was one thing to slay a lion, another to hack his paw off and leave him broken and bewildered.


It’s not the end of the month but you nerdy lot get something special anyways: A collab between myself and my monstrously skilled buddy, J! They did the lineart, and I coloured! I legit thought I was going to wreck their awesome line work while slapping down my ham-fisted colours, but I think I did pretty bang-up job! Some things could be better, I might go back and tweak it a little sometime.

  • Sakura:Welcome home.... Sasuke-sensei...
  • Sasuke:What? O.o
  • Sakura:*grins evilly* Sasuke-sensei.
  • Sasuke:*feels heat rushing through his body*
  • Sasuke:Say it again *his voice deepens*
  • Sakura:Sasukeeee-sensei... *deliberately slow*
  • Sasuke:*shudders, monstrously turned on* Come here!

Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1
story: Kieron Gillen
art / cover: Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson
August 12 / 32 pages / Full Color / Mature Readers / $3.99
The team behind the New York Times bestselling and Eisner-nominated smash hit THE WICKED + THE DIVINE return to the acclaimed urban fantasy where they first made their names. Nearly a decade ago, Emily Aster sold half her personality for the power to rule a coven of phonomancers. I’m sure nothing could go horribly, monstrously wrong now. In a world where Music is Magic, a song can save or ruin your life. In THE IMMATERIAL GIRL, we discover what a video can do.

Once more we re… actually, wrong book. Very glad to finally get this out in the world.

Rest of Image’s August solicitations here.

“Do I seriously have to read all this?”

Modern High School AU where Jack and Punz have a summer reading assignment, but of course Jack would rather have fun than do that “boring” stuff. Rapunzel thinks otherwise though~

I haven’t drawn in a while, but I hope you all like it! Have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening/night. ^_^

Thursday is Take Work to Your Daughter Day! Gather up all your coworkers, the furniture and appliances that make up your work space, all the petty office politics and backroom bickering, the contents of the supply closet, the structure of the supply closet, the entire building that houses your work and bring it all piece-by-piece to your daughter. And then reassemble it for her, saying, “See, SEE!” over and over as she, gape-mouthed, watches your work transplanted monstrously into a place it was never meant to be. Be sure to send us cute pictures of her weeping over what you have done!