Party Dog

Based off of this photo and post by @teamfreewill- which reads: ok but imagine Scott’s having a party at his house and Derek randomly decides to show up in his wolf form. some people freak out, some just completely ignore it thinking it’s just Scott’s weird ass dog. Stiles immediately knows who it is and just collapses in the middle of the floor, patting and rubbing at Derek’s fur.

There’s a dude just sitting on the floor, petting the giant dog that had just walked in. The majority of the crowd of party-goers had made a wide path for the dog to pass through, as that thing was monstrously sized, though skinny with short fur, and admittedly a tad scary looking. The guy hadn’t shied away, though. In fact, he’d stopped mid-conversation to plop down onto the hard floor, a wide and joyful grin on his face, and pull the dog into a hug.

Kevin doesn’t like to judge. Honest. He’s one of the most accepting souls on the planet, and he would never dislike anyone for how they look or the things they do that seem weird to him, because he doesn’t know people’s lives! So it wouldn’t be cool for someone to judge him just because he bought adult light-up sneakers (which are fucking awesome), so he won’t judge people for their quirks either. 

It’s just. Kevin had seen this dude before. He’d had a couple classes with him over the four semesters he’d been at college, so they probably had similar majors. His name he couldn’t quite recall, something different. But he came off to Kevin as someone who was very smart and sociable, stopping after class to speak to the professor, chatting and laughing with friends and fellow students. He was one of those people that others could gravitate towards, and he would be accepting of your comment or joke no matter who you were. Kevin had liked him, as much as he could like any fellow classmate whose name escaped him. 

He never pegged the guy for being socially anxious, though. He was the type of person who would thrive at a party like this, where the music was thumping; it wasn’t too wind and crazy, but there was enough people and things going on that he could be occupied the entire night. Kevin, on the other hand, wasn’t the biggest fan of parties. He could have done without this one. But Scott, his lab partner, had invited him, and it had seemed rude to say no to the guy. He’d looked so earnest and excited to be throwing his first college party. So Kevin had said yes, knowing he could at least last an hour or two before turning in for the night. 

It honestly should be him sitting on the laminate wooden floor smothering the large, black-furred dog in hugs. But it was not. 

“I didn’t think you’d come out and join us, sourwolf!” the guy said to the dog, fingers going straight behind the ears and scratching there. A red solo cup was dropped between his crossed legs, and the dog leaned down to sniff it.

The dog sneezed into the cup, nose scrunched up in distaste, and the guy groaned, “Dude! Now I have to get another one!”

The dog woofed, a low, deep noise, and the guy rolled his eyes, ministrations never ceasing. So he must not have been that annoyed. 

“That was only my second cup. I know how to control myself.” The dog stared at the man, unmoving, for a few seconds. The low lighting of the room made it a little difficult to see, but it almost looked like the dog was unimpressed by the man. “Now,” the guy added with a sigh. “I know how to control myself now.” 

The dog huffed before nuzzling its nose under the guy’s chin, and the man became all-smiles once again, wrapping his arms around the large dog’s neck and squeezing it in a hug. 

“Aw, Derek came out of his hiding spot!”

Kevin whipped around to see Scott saddling up next to him. The man had a grin on his face, hair slightly matted down with sweat, most likely from all the dancing Kevin had seen him doing earlier. He also had a red solo cup in his hand, and he used it to gesture when he spoke. 

“Is Derek…the dog?” Kevin guessed, knowing that the guy’s name was not normal enough to be ‘Derek’, so it couldn’t be him.

The dog looked over at him then, most likely recognizing his name, though the way the tufts of gray fur over his eyes that mirrored eyebrows lowered, it looked like he was getting glared at. The dog had piercing eyes, Kevin realized. They reflected the blue lights of the disco ball hung from the ceiling for a second, sending a shiver down Kevin’s spine. 

Scott beside him started laughing. The guy next to Derek stole the dog’s attention once again, trailing his dull nails down Derek’s flank, murmuring something softly to the dog that Kevin could not hear. Derek turned back to the guy with another huff, but preened, leaning into the petting. They guy landed a kiss on Derek’s nose, and Derek licked at his face in retaliation.

“Yes,” Scott finally choked out between laughs. “The dog is Derek. With Stiles.”

That’s the name! Stiles!

“Is Derek yours?” Kevin asked, watching as Derek leaned his giant weight onto Stiles, and Stiles caught him in his lap, soiled beer cup crushed beneath his heavy weight. 

For some reason, that had Scott laughing again. “Nah,” he eventually said, watching the scene with fondness on his face. “Nah, he’s mostly Stiles’.”

Secrets (411k words)

Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.

thoughts: this fic is monstrously long. it took me almost a week to finish it, but don’t let that scare you. it’s probably one of the most brilliant alternative plots that i’ve ever read, and it pictures harry RIGHT AS HE SHOULD BE: brave, capable of killing, conscious of his duty and his power as a leader. i loved this for so many reasons and here’s why: draco and harry’s relationship is everything; they support each other without EVER doubting that the other is doing something wrong, they are adorable when they quarrel and when they cuddle. also, there’s some great smut. this fic is honestly clever and has many, many ideas that, in my opinion, are a great competition to the original story. it might not be your favourite fic; i think this one will be very subjective, but do give it a try.

seriously don’t buy the precut fruit/vegetables at safeway
it’s monstrously overpriced
I’ve never seen my department manager wear gloves when touching fruit
like half the shit isn’t even cut in the store, we get it prepackaged and put it into smaller packages with a large markup.

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For references, FFXV is expected to sell 10 million copies. Yep.


You know, triple-A game development is in a shitty place, right now, where even games with relatively normal development cycles can sell millions of copies and still be labeled disappointments because the budget was just so monstrously huge that even selling three or four million units can’t recoup the cost.

And then we have Final Fantasy XV. Which has been in development for ten fucking years. And they’re still wasting money on spin-offs and anime series and relatively big-budget movies with big-name Hollywood stars in them.

Why? Why do this? Why would this be okay?

It’s bad decision after bad decision with this game, and however much money Square ends up losing for this, they’re going to deserve it.

- Mod A.

Here's the Ultimate Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Blu-Ray Set You've Been Waiting For

Pretty much ever since the Hobbit movies were announced, fans have clamored for an ultimate box set that gathered the (then-future) extended editions of those films with the extended Lord of the Rings cuts in a single box set. Well, you’ll soon be able to—and it’s pretty spectacular.

Emerging out of an listing today, the “Middle-Earth Limited Collector’s Edition” features a whopping 30 Blu-ray discs of footage: Extended cuts of An Unexpected Journey, Desolation of Smaug, Battle of the Five Armies, Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, and Return of the King, and all of the previously released and monstrously extensive behind-the-scenes documentaries that were included in past extended edition releases.

On top of that, each movie is wrapped up in its own faux-leather-wrapped book case, which themselves sit on an elaborate wooden shelf—hilariously described in the official release as “crafted from solid wood with a design selected by Peter Jackson.” If that wasn’t enough, the collection also comes with a recreation of the Red Book of Westmarch—the book Bilbo and Frodo “wrote” The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in—filled with pages of official concept art, as well as individual recreations of concept art from the films by Alan Lee and John Howe.

It’s certainly an elaborate collection (even moreso than perhaps people might have expected from the first time these movies are gathered in a single bumper collection) and it might be an expensive one. has since removed pricing details from the product, but it was initially posted with an $800 price tag for an October 4th release.

That’s yet to be confirmed—we’ll update this post as soon as a price is officially known—but it seems a bit crazy, even for as grand a set as this is. 


Yet both of Strauss’s maximalist operas end with the deaths of their title characters; and in both cases these deaths were imported deaths, the product of their fin-de-siècle adaptations, not the original stories. In the Bible we do not learn of Salome’s fate. It was Wilde and Wilde alone who had Herod turn to Herodias and say, “She is a monster, that daughter of yours, a monster!” before ordering his soldiers to “Kill that woman!” In Greek mythology, Electra, having expiated her father’s death, married Orestes’s friend Pylades and bore him two sons. It was Hofmannsthal, and Hofmannsthal alone, who had her dance so strenuously in triumph as to split a gut (or something) and fall dead in a heap. It is hard not to see these alterations as the modern authors’ commentary on feminine monstrousness, and the deaths as a modern male vengeance on the threatening effigy of the emancipated—that is, newly empowered—modern female.
—  Richard Taruskin

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It is entirely possible to appreciate the thighs from a purely aesthetic point of view. And I kind of want more details on the family drama, but I’ll not pry :P

This is true, and I’m sure there are some hella ace peeps who know how to appreciate a nice pair of thighs, but they’re just not my thing. In truth, I’ve never been interested in human anatomy anywhere below the belly button. I hold no appreciation for butts or legs or thighs. From an aesthetic standpoint, other than faces, the only things I tend to appreciate or notice are shoulders, arms (though only when they’re not monstrously large like some dudes get), and well-toned backs.

Captain’s (B)log - Another Journal Filled

I just finished off a journal. I mean, this happens about once a month and a half-ish, but this one was particularly cool. I’ve never done this before, but I actually flipped back to the first entry. Sometime early last month I was struggling to get through my work day because of lack of sleep. The lack of sleep was due to it being monstrously hot at night and my still not having an air conditioner.  It was miserable and I was trying so hard to just get by. 

Meanwhile, tonight’s entry was kind of a celebration? I’m really doing well right now. I’ve got struggles and anxiety, sure, but there’s so much good stuff going on. For one, I’ve got an air conditioner up here now. For another, getting through the work day isn’t part of my routine right now, I’m blissfully unemployed. I’m getting ready to go back to school in a few weeks for the first time in six years and I’m actually really excited about it. AND I’ve really found a lot of community since opening up my tarot blog– not just in terms of general community but a lot of really insightful and brilliant friends. (You cool cats know who you are.) Even though I’m still struggling with my own brain, I really feel a lot happier than I was this time last year. Considering how miserable I was even a few months ago… well, I’m feeling really blessed. 

So, yeah, that’s the update on me. How are you all? 

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Why do you put all your thoughts in the hashtag section? I know you add to other posts but not all of them. Most of what you put in your tags dosen't belong there but above with all the rest of the people opinions.

I feel more comfortable putting my thoughts in the tags. Maybe it’s totally stupid, but I’m a bit shy about adding comments to posts because I kinda feel like I should write something coherent and something that actually adds to the discussion, whereas in my own tags I get to ramble and be as incoherent as I want. :) I also like that it feels more private to post stuff in the tags.  

I know I sometimes write monstrously long comments in the tags, but I don’t really mean to ramble on for that long, I just mean to write a quick comment and then somehow get carried away!  

facts about jude:

his first name is dakota, second wesley. don’t call him by either.
he’s actually around 78 years old.
he’s monstrously 6′5″.
voice isn’t as deep as one might think.
has the slightest accent. it’s rural, considering where he grew up.
has not had many girlfriends during his time. personal choice.
he was taken at eighteen and was “” raised “” by demons until he entered his thirties. they made him strong, but submissive. 
is capable of burning down a town.
is a demon created by lucifer– not changed or possessed, but made.
is actually softer than he looks.

The Savageness of coming alive

Don’t– don’t– don’t come– any closer, Anywhere near me–no–
Leave me be–
I do this, from time to time.
I am being remade.
No–not like a snake–
I don’t shed–
I break–
Bones and tear
And erupt into
No blood. Just—
Water. And fire. Please be careful.
I said–
Don’t come any closer
Listen. I said
I Am not like a snake sitting in a Vulnerable equator until my second skin Unfolds me
I am monstrously dangerous at this Time–I will steal everything if you don’t step back
Don’t try–
To understand– you cannot–cannot
Comfort me. Heal or anything so ordinarily human.
Take courage
From a blazing gloriously shattering planet–
Do you understand now? Nothing about This is beautiful, or poetic, or sensitive
– those dying destructive dark daring stars– hold for me the knowledge that–
My wholeness is made from pain Transcended.
Get away
And let me survive the universe.

-A Doctor Who Wants To Be A Poet