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These have been the best years of my life, and they are mine. Tomorrow is promised to no one, Doctor, but I insist upon my past. I am entitled to that. It’s mine.

The wonderful Mariah Huehner (@tiredfairy) has come up with an incredible idea. It’s called “MONSTROUS”, and it’s going to focus on “The relationship between girls/women and their bodies through the lens of storytelling in different mediums and genres.”

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Project type: collection/anthology Looking for: Prose/comics/poems/art Genre:  fiction (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, etc), auto-bio, non-fiction For: Girls/Women Open to: contributors of any age and gender, on the general theme of “body image & girls/women”. Purpose: Let girls/women know they are not alone when they struggle with their body and our narrowly defined, “beauty” obsessed culture. Positive overall message, but, the stories themselves can be in any genre and be difficult/upsetting. Focus is on being meaningful explorations of theme. Stories can be about: Any body image related topics, from eating disorders to self-harm to sexual identity. Not limited to these topics, so stories will be evaluated individually.

(Photo: Brain Goblins and “ED” = eating disorder, art exercise)

honestly the gay babadook meme reminds me of something that’s always fascinated me? and i know this isnt universal and not everyone does this but ive noticed lgbt+ people tend to love horror characters? like just look at how much tumblr loves halloween

like in a world where a depressing amount of media paints us as monstrous or inhuman, we turn to characters DESIGNED to be monstrous and inhuman and decide they’re like us

and bad potrayals of trans and/or not strait people in fiction are a serious problem that do affect a lot of people’s self esteem and this doesnt fix that, but you see these characters meant to be one note unlovable monsters and you see people make post like “slenderman and the bye bye man are dating” or “the blair witch is a lesbian” or “mothman is real and trans and my boyfriend”

like we have monstrous traits projected unfairly onto us, and in turn we project humanity onto monsters

like i said, i know not everybody does this and im sure it makes some people uncomfy and im not like. some kind of scholar about gay and trans people but? this trend has always interested me ????

Series 4 and The John Problem

Well, here we are. I normally write stuff after seeing some input from the fandom, as that really helps me. But… I’m kinda afraid to look around, and I’m not sure how long to wait for the characterization close readings or even if they’ll ever come, at this point. Since the dominant mood isn’t positive, I don’t want to just see stuff to the effect of ‘John was OOC’ or ‘this wasn’t the real-world John’, one way or the other. Simply seeing stuff to the effect of ‘this is the real John and nothing surprising or interesting happened’ is also a nonstarter. So let’s proceed firstly with the assumption that this is, in fact, the real John, and also that he is IC until rigorously proven otherwise (as in part of a formal argument). Secondly, with the assumption that we’ve seen some developments and/or meaningful events in John’s characterization and it’s not simply static.

If anyone has links or reading suggestions for an existing neutral S4 John reading, I’d be grateful. By reading I mean a close reading: canon-based but Johnlock-friendly, and otherwise constructively analytical (rather than being purely speculative, Johnlock code-related, a critique or just a response to a critique). Basically, I’m both trained and naturally predisposed to write most of my close readings with the help of lots of other people’s papers. Ideally, anyway haha. 

Essentially, if someone wants to jump in and expand on this post or point to a relevant direction others have gone, please do. Anyway, enough disclaimers. Onwards into the breach, then. 

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How to write your book step 182

You want to write a book!? 

Why? Why would you want to start such a monstrous project? Your book  will get it’s claws under your skin. It will tear at your motivation with its teeth. It will sit in the corner of your bedroom and watch you sleep. Your book isn’t evil, it’s just needy. You won’t be able to get away from it’s grasp. Even if you work on it every day, even if you write lots and lots of words towards it. Even if you’ve ‘finished’ it. It will be there, lurking in the back of your mind. 

Your book is a project that you cannot abandon, even if you already have,  it’s still there isn’t it? In the recesses of your imagination, in the guilt of your procrastination. Write your book. Work with your book. Get to know it.

Befriend your book, it needs you and probably, you need it too. 


After spending three weeks sculpting and meticulously painting 22 teeny transformers, I began questioning my life choices…

Finished this monstrous project on Friday and BOY did it take me forever! Next will be the baddies!