19-year old Sukheegiin Tserenchimed became the world champion female wrestler in the 60 kilogram category September 11th.

Mongolian has a long tradition of kick-butt women wrestlers. According to legend, the reason that the traditional wrestling costume has an open chest is to prevent women from disguising themselves as men and winning all the wrestling contests, as some unnamed woman did in the distant past.

Khutulun, the niece of Kublai Khan, said that any man who wanted to marry her had to win a wrestling match against her, and if he lost, has had to give her 100 horses. She died the unmarried owner of ten thousand horses. monstertag wrote a comic book about her.


So I’m not sure if you are aware but brennanleemulligan and monstertag are wonderful people who wrote this wonderful comic that you should definitely read if you’re at all interested in superheroes or social justice or golden retrievers. It’s hands-down one of my favorite comics on the Internet.*

*and I am totally not a biased source what are you talking about