So I’m not sure if you are aware but brennanleemulligan and monstertag are wonderful people who wrote this wonderful comic that you should definitely read if you’re at all interested in superheroes or social justice or golden retrievers. It’s hands-down one of my favorite comics on the Internet.*

*and I am totally not a biased source what are you talking about

mollyostertag asked:

HEY I just wanted to say that your Hawke cosplay is exceptional and badass! The champion armor is so complicated and you made it perfectly and you look sooo rad~

Aww thank you! The Champion armor was super complicated, and in retrospect, probably not the best first armor project to take on. But I definitely learned a lot, and it’s made everything since a ton easier!

drugtripglasses said: !!! Monster by Rollins Band immediately came to mind!! also a dionysos album/track named Monsters In Love which is a bit of a cute inversal(?) of this (then again, those lyrics are a bit dissociative so it’s kinda hard to tell)

The first one sounds kinda trashy, but it’s fun! X3 And the song by dionysos is cute!

kamenzero said: Oh. Apparently it’s just “Monster” by The Automatic. Why so many songs called Monster?!

I don’t know. But that song is pretty cool!

Oh, and “My beloved monster” by The Eels to a certain extent.

irisundone replied to your post“drugtripglasses said:  !!! Monster by Rollins Band immediately came to…”

The only songs I have that have monster in them are “Devils… Monsters” from the Halo ost, “Some Kind of Monster” by Metallica, and “Monster Beat” from Prinny: Can This Really Be the OST? :3

scratchbang replied to your post“Fun random fact about myself: I collect songs with the title “Monster”…”

Immediately reminded me of the “Imaginary Monsters” EP by The Birthday Massacre. :)

drugtripglasses replied to your post“drugtripglasses said:  !!! Monster by Rollins Band immediately came to…”

and further going down that tangent, iggy pop’s monster men (OH BOY iggy pop tracks are so attractive) and monsters wedding by aquabats (another fun track!)… which is, of course, even more tangential stuff but i get reALLY excited about music ok

Tagging all of this so I won’t lose it, yay<3