Pencil Cases!

Based on the tutorial from You Go Girl! My younger sister, Lydia, and I are making our own Pencil Cases! I made mine a few weeks ago (actually 2 months but whatever) and we’re now making one for her.

I made mine in the effort to have a good thing for organizing comic making tools without spending money on a new pencil case.  It was great because I was also able to customize it to fit exactly what I needed!

Though the original tutorial was for a pencil roll, mine is more of a pencil folder… I also put stiff cardboard from the back of a used sketchbook in between in order to protect my triangle and protractor when I throw this thing into my backpack.  

Yesterday we did most of the work for Lydia’s pencil roll.  We cut the fabric and also went over a reminder how to use the sewing machine and the proper use of pins.  I was impressed by how well she used the ancient machine as I haven’t seen her sew at all for a very long time.

We haven’t quite finished it.  The binding is all that is left.  However, we can’t do that until I get my iron here.  AHH I’M SO EXCITED FOR MY IRON.  This amount of excitement is a bit ridiculous.  It is only a $10 iron afterall.  Oh well.  Here is the progress so far on the pencil roll for Freshman year of high school.