Pencil Cases!

Based on the tutorial from You Go Girl! My younger sister, Lydia, and I are making our own Pencil Cases! I made mine a few weeks ago (actually 2 months but whatever) and we’re now making one for her.

I made mine in the effort to have a good thing for organizing comic making tools without spending money on a new pencil case.  It was great because I was also able to customize it to fit exactly what I needed!

Though the original tutorial was for a pencil roll, mine is more of a pencil folder… I also put stiff cardboard from the back of a used sketchbook in between in order to protect my triangle and protractor when I throw this thing into my backpack.  

Yesterday we did most of the work for Lydia’s pencil roll.  We cut the fabric and also went over a reminder how to use the sewing machine and the proper use of pins.  I was impressed by how well she used the ancient machine as I haven’t seen her sew at all for a very long time.

We haven’t quite finished it.  The binding is all that is left.  However, we can’t do that until I get my iron here.  AHH I’M SO EXCITED FOR MY IRON.  This amount of excitement is a bit ridiculous.  It is only a $10 iron afterall.  Oh well.  Here is the progress so far on the pencil roll for Freshman year of high school.  

Dress Progress #3


I am VERY EXCITED right now!  Why? Because I’m almost finished with my dress!

Now, last time I updated, I said I was almost finished, but I ran into some problems… Mostly, the skirt was quite crooked and it fell to an awkward length.  Instead of being the cute happy dress I envisioned, it turned out to be a lopsided mom dress.  There’s nothing wrong with Mom dresses, but I’m only 18.  I don’t want to wear a mom dress.

SO.  I cut off the ruffle.  I cut a good six inches of the body of the skirt.  I ripped the seams holding the bias tape to the skirt so I could reuse it and then I ripped out the seam of the ruffle.  This was important because the main reason everything got crooked was my carelessness when sewing the ruffle the first time.  Remember this picture?

Even with the bias tape covering the seam, you can see how crookedly I sewed it.  After fixing all of that, (multiple days later because I was disappointed and had no motivation)  I sewed on the zipper and I still had a problem.  It was WAY to big around the waist and across my back!

Not a very flattering picture is it?  Look at all this extra material!

Fortunately, I was prepared for this situation.  I knew that it was going to happen.  My bust/waist/hips ratio doesn’t fit into the standard sizes.  Generally, I buy a dress to fit my boobs and pray a belt can bring it in in a flattering manner at the waist.  Otherwise things hang stupidly.  But the benefit of sewing things yourself?  Being your own tailor!

I pinned the fabric over along the zipper.  Estimating how much would be necessary based on how it fit when I tried it on.

And because the pins were pointed away from my body, I was able to put it on before sewing to make sure my estimations would work.  And they did!  I have since sewn this seam and it fits so nicely now. 

I only have some bias tape, a few buttons, and raising the hem left!  That is my goal for tonight.  Expect updates on the other projects I worked on today soon!