Jasper’s on the cover of the new DVD! 😂

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“It was such a brilliant notion to take and explore the idea of, ‘What if kids are telling the truth, and there really are monsters in their closets?’ It’s a truth children know, just like they know that their toys come alive when there’s no one else in the room.” —John Lasseter


I. Am. Hyped.

I am so excited for Hiveswap. It looks freaking beautiful in every aspect of the word.

We have a whole new set of characters to meet and fall in love with. ((And cry over)).

Thisll be a neat thing to see unfold. In entertainment, we’ve had movies where aliens come to Earth or where Humans go to another planet. Such as, Escape From Planet Earth, and Planet 51. Monster’s INC could even fall into that category. However, knowing Hussie, this could go one of two ways. It could end up exactly like both of the movies or end up as something far beyond our tiny human minds would even be able to process.

Either way.