BTS Reactions to you being the “weird silent/shy girl” (you are classmates in the first year of high school)

Disclaimer: being shy and/or silent will not mean that you are automatically a cute ball of fluff like in most movies (to those that are shy and cute at the same time, bless your souls, I love you!!! 💕 )
Warning: I swear a lot.


He would be quite interested in the fact that you almost never talk and you’re always on your phone or PC. He would also understand that it is hard for you to make friends since you were shy so he would decide to become your friend, even if it wasn’t easy. He would often have lunch with you and spend many breaks just talking about random topics!  But this friendship wouldn’t last for long since he would soon enough become your boyfriend. 😉


Yoongi is not sociable himself, so he would completely understand you. He wouldn’t, however, make the first move. I think that the rest of the boys and of course your best friend ___ (the only friend you had, actually) would try everything to get you two isolated in the same room so you can talk. After spending some quality time locked in the storage closet of the school you two would become …friends… really close friends…with benefits…

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Since Hobi is the most sociable and friendly out of Bangtan I think that the second he noticed that he had a new girl in class, you, he would do anything to talk to you and become friends. When he saw that you started blushing and tried to avoid anything he would smile bright and tell you jokingly: 
“Y/N you don’t have to be shy around me…. Let me see the true  weirdo that you are” 

Rap Monster

Since he is a highly philosophical person, he would try to understand the reasons for your shyness.Because of his curiosity to find more about you and the reasons to why you were so silent and shy, he would approach you more and more. When he saw that you had so much in common he at first would want to be friends but this feeling would soon change into lust and desire to make you his. 


Aah.. This fluffy ball of sunshine and perviness. Well, he is quite shy too (or this is what he wants you to believe) so in my opinion, much like in  Yoongi’s situation, the other members would step in to help you. But this time they would somehow oblige him to ask you on a date since everybody knew that you had a crush on him, except him of course. You two would have a cute date eating ice cream and (all those summer things that I miss doing).

Well, Taehuyng is in Jhope’s category. He is extremely outgoing and he would love to have a new friend, well at first not knowing that you are shy and this is actually the reason that you avoid him he would be quite disappointed. But when he finally understood that you are actually really shy he would try to take things slowly. He would try to become friends with you by leaving you sweets and small toys on your desk every so often with cute small messages like:
“ Hey Y/N this is for you. I hope you like it… please talk to me T…T”  


This little piece of shit =.= makes me really really confused. On one hand, he is really outgoing and on the other hand, he is even shyer than most of the shyest ones.Soo…. since this shitty kid confuses me so much I’m going to make two fucking versions for him. 
Shy Kookie: Well, he would want to be friends with you but since he was too shy to directly talk to you he would try to find a way to talk to you and be near you without getting caught. For example, he would try and add you to a huge ass group conversation wich like was his plan but everybody helps him because he is a piece of shit like that. 
Call me Daddy Guk: This boy would be like really straightforward and come to you flirting and asking you to dates, and no he would fucking care about you dying of embarrassment in front of him. He would straight up pick you over his shoulder and carry you to that date. 

Randall Boggs Fandom needs YOU!

Let me make this simple: I need help running Randall Boggs fandom.

As some of you may have noticed, I had given up the “” domain name earlier this year. My main reason was that I was unable to find a suitable hosting for a full website and Tumblr alone didn’t justify the cost of owning a whole domain. Another reason was that, while the MI/MU fandom is still alive today, it is vastly slower now than it was at its peak. Combine this with my somewhat shifted priorities and me falling behind with the blog isn’t that surprising. In the end, I simply didn’t want to pay for and hoard a domain name for an essentially dormant project that no longer lived up to my original expectations.

However, I still have good memories associated with this blog and don’t want to see it go dead completely.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to take on the task of running this fandom blog? It still has over 450 followers, so I guess it is worth saving. I have some rules I want this blog to stick to, but mostly you’ll have full control of it. Send me an ask or reply to this post if you’re interested and I’ll get in touch.

Thanks in advance


I. Am. Hyped.

I am so excited for Hiveswap. It looks freaking beautiful in every aspect of the word.

We have a whole new set of characters to meet and fall in love with. ((And cry over)).

Thisll be a neat thing to see unfold. In entertainment, we’ve had movies where aliens come to Earth or where Humans go to another planet. Such as, Escape From Planet Earth, and Planet 51. Monster’s INC could even fall into that category. However, knowing Hussie, this could go one of two ways. It could end up exactly like both of the movies or end up as something far beyond our tiny human minds would even be able to process.

Either way.



Growing up as the voice of Boo from Monsters Inc: The early years

So fourteen years after Monsters Inc came out in 2001 and I’m finally deciding to start a blog about my life since voicing Boo. At first, as I try to catch you guys up, my posts may be a little sporadic and I apologize for that! But bear with me and I will catch you guys up in no time :)

stay tuned…

Growing up was the hardest part.

The movie came out when I was five, the time I was in kindergarden. Of course my recollection of this period is scarce, but I have patched together bits and pieces using my fragmented memories and second-hand accounts from my mom. 

During fund raisers for my school I would literally be auctioned off for play-dates and dinners-with-Boo… Since the movie just came out at this time, it was always a major hit. Although I have no recollection of these arrangements, it’s slightly unsettling knowing I was being exploited like that. Either way, It did raise quite a bit money so I guess there’s no harm in that.

Paparazzi would show up at my kindergarden to interview me and for some reason the school office would allow it… Then again, I guess they’ve never had to deal with paparazzi showing up for a kindergardener so it was a weird experience for all of us. They asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up… I told them I wanted to work at a nail salon. 

Before the movie came out, I brought a Boo doll to school for show-and-tell. Each time I pressed the belly a “Mike Wazowski” or a giggle would come out in my little three year old voice. After the presentation one of the moms came up to mine:

Other Mom, “Thats so cute! Where can I get a doll with my daughters voice on it?”

My mom, “Well, you can purchase a doll, but they’re all going to have my daughters voice on it…”

That always makes me laugh :)

Now, elementary school is where my memory becomes clearer…

Constantly bombarded with the jealous intentions of my classmates advising me that so-and-so was only my friend because I was in a movie. Even as a first grader I knew most of those accusations were false, I remember this specific fifth grader who was the common bully among my class but treated me as if somehow Boo bridged the gap and we were best friends. I saw through her like cellophane though as I did for all the other “fake friends” that started coming into my life. Luckily I was able to find a few true ones and many of them are still a part of my life today.

I remember when I was in first grade and yearbooks came out. I was trapped by a swarm of hungry fifth graders, all eager for my signature in their book. I even signed some guys arm, being told he would never wash it again. Luckily my friend came to my rescue and pulled me away from the crowd. I never thrived off the attention but it was just something I had to become used to. Boo has literally been with me my whole life and along with the role comes the curiosity of the fans. I just have to remember that if I was someone else and the voice of Boo was at my elementary school, I would probably be acting the same way.

Now, I’m a freshman in college and that notion has got me through all of repetitive curiosities and questions. One of my favorites, “Can you do the voice for me?” But before I get asked that question for the millionth time let me inform you all… No, I cannot do the voice any longer. I was three and since then I have gone through puberty. :) 

I hope as this blog progresses, everyone enjoys hearing about the accomplishments I have made so far, the places I’ve been, and enjoys growing with me as I embark on many more journeys. 

Until next time~


BTS’s reaction when they fall in love at first sight with a staff member during a schedule

our request box is open so feel free to request bts, exo, svt, block b, bap, ikon, monsta x, vixx, winner, got7, iron, giriboy and dean reactions and scenarios

check out our other reactions and scenarios > here

> lets say that the person they fall in love with is a staff member or a volunteer member at the filming scene

Rap Monster

since he cant approach the person right then, he will try to attract the persons attention to himself somehow by talking or laughing a bit too loudly during the filming and make sure that he has his ‘cool looking guy’ mode on


even tho he is kind of eager to approach the person sooner, he isn’t worried too much about doing it later cuz like, come on, its jin. he had everyone falling for him the moment he walked in


sweg master will be distracted during most of the filming and as soon as they are given a break, he will try to approach the person he fell for, not wanting to waste any more time


like yoongi, he will probably not wait to long until approaching the person. i feel like he will mostly be worried that they might fall for another one of the members so he will make sure, his members are at a good distance just in case


this flower puff is also sometimes one of the more self conscious members so he might try to keep his members away as well. he will patiently wait for the right time and shyly approach the person


even tho he cant approach the person right away, he will quietly stare and admire them from a distance. he will probably be a bit distracted during the filming and his hyungs might tease him a bit when they see that he isnt acting like his usual self


golden will probably try to look all cool and swag during the filming and just like joonie, he will try to attract some attention but later when he wants to approach the person he will be a  super shy and stuff. >will probably tell one of his hyungs about it as soon as he sees the person and that one hyung will tell all the other and this will 16786% result to never ending teasing

*i dont own the gifs*

> @blackymarshall i hope its what u expected


{Reaction} BTS when their girlfriend is Asexual.

Hey, I’m in love with your blog~ Can I request a BTS reaction to their partner being Asexual and/or Gender fluid please?

Note: I decided to just do Asexual since I know more about it, plus writing about both might be a little confusing, I hope you don’t mind! If you do want the gender fluid one then feel free to re-request it sweetie. I hope you’re having a good day. Fighting!~ 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Yoongi didn’t really know what you meant when you told him that you were Asexual at the start, but after asking you about it he same came to understand. He was fine with it, and didn’t mind because he loves you and that isn’t going to change his mind. 

Yoongi: “Why would I mind? I love you Jagi, nothing is ever going to change that.” 

Jeon Jungook

Originally posted by jibeom

Jungkook is a very understanding and kind person, along with also being incredibly laid back, so he wasn’t really upset or annoyed when you told him, in a matter of fact, he was pretty much fine with it. As long as you stay open with him, and discuss how you’re feeling, he’s happy with it. 

Jungkook: “I know it means we can’t do stuff like that, but we’ll think of something, don’t worry Jagi, it’ll all be okay.” 

Kim Taehyung/ V

Originally posted by jitamin

When you told Taehyung about this, his response was simply “Sex isn’t everything, Jagi.” He;d be very open about how he feels, and would definitely talk to you through the times when he dos want to be intimate. Since you’re both respectful people, you’d come to an agreement and would come up with something that works for both of you. 

Taehyung: “As long as we’re both happy, that’s all that matters, right?”

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Since Namjoon is a pretty relaxed person, he doesn’t really mind when you tell him about your asexuality. Since you both have a lot in common, he builds a relationship with you on an emotional and intellectual basis as apposed to a sexual one. 

Namjoon: “As long as I still get cuddles, I’ll be happy.” 

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

Originally posted by junghosyub

J-Hope, like the others, is pretty chill when it comes to your sexuality. As longg as he gets the affections such as hugging and kissing, and you don’t take his playfulness too serious, then he’ll be fine

J-Hope: “I don’t need sex to be happy, Jagiya.”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by jitamin

Jimin is the kind of person that would be fine with it, as long as his partner is always open about how they feel. He would want you to talk to him about it a lot, to see what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. Since he does see sex as quite a contributing factor to a relationship, he might want to come to an agreement with you, like Taehyung, so that you’re both happy. But overall, Jimin is going to be happy with just cuddling and kissing. 

Jimin: “It’s okay, Jagi, don’t worry. We’ll work this out.”

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

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Jin would be a little surprised when you opened up about your sexuality to him as it wasn’t something he’d ever really considered himself. After finding out about it from you, he made the effort to read up on it and find out more so he could be a better boyfriend to you. Since he already has good connections with you, not having sex wouldn’t be as much as an issue. 

Jin: “We’ll work on it, Jagi. Don’t worry.”