princeofdoubt  asked:

((here's a question for everyone. lmao i'm imagining them answering like a tv interview)) what is your favorite thing about Frisk?

Let’s go talk to Frisks very own mother First! shall we? The former queen of Monsters, Miss Toriel Dreemurr!

Ohhh how sweet! a Mother’s love, while we are here at shcool let’s ask another teacher about Frisk!

Oh yes…Anime…Exciting…ANYWAY moving on, I wonder what the second strongest  Monster in the underground and now the surface (who almost impaled Frisk many times) has to say? What terms are they on after their epic battle underground?

There you have it! wow, even a good word from Undyne?? now that is somthing! let’s go ask some of the first monsters to Meet Frisk, lets start with my favorite and more handsome of the skeleton brothers, PAPYRUS!

Oh Papyrus, such a sweetheart wouldn’t you say? Well I suppose it’s time to ask his brother now…

I think he was making a pun about something but I don’t quite get it… Hm who else can we ask? oh I know let’s ask the Shop and food stalls she came across! Is Frisk as good of a customer as she is a friend?

Wow! that’s the most Ive ever heard him say! Amazing!

Ugghh….she creeps me out and fascinates me at the same time….I have so many mixed feelings…Lets go try to talk to some of Frisk’s peers and classmates!

Ohh How adorable! a little athlete in the making! and a possible romance? looks like we will see! let’s see what her brother has to say, the former frighting flower himself now the fluffybun Prince, Asriel!

Oh! what’s this could this be a love triangle in the making between Monster Kid, Asriel and Frisk? and with his own adoptive sister? precious!! and it seems we had some odd interference with the audio..very strange indeed. hmm… who else can we ask, there is not much time left…hm…! ah I know!

Thank you lovelies for watching! see you next time!