monsters' university

w101 question:

do you guys think, in-universe, monsters cast spells? Or is that more of a game mechanic? ex. Does that minotaur actually summon a banshee to battle or does it just try to kill you with its giant axe?

  • Victor: We're not gonna lose because we have everything we need to win right here. *points to chest*
  • Yuuri: *smiles* Heart.
  • Victor: No, me! I'm gonna win this for us. *strips off coat to reveal costume*
  • Announcer: And now, skating in place of his student, Victor Nikiforov!
Pixar Sequels and their Morals
  • Toy Story 2/3: Nothing lasts forever, so it's very important to cherish the things you love while they last while also knowing when to let go.
  • Monsters University: Life can sometimes put you down a different path than the one you prepared for yourself, but that's nothing to be scared of.
  • Finding Dory: Mental illnesses and disabilities are not inconveniences one should have to apologize to others for; others should learn to accept the disability and change their behaviors accordingly.
  • Cars 2/3: If people hate your franchise enough, cripple or kill off the main character to get people to start talking about it again.