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RWBY V3E11, or how Miles and fans know nothing about panic situations.

I’ve seen a lot of stupid comments about Yang and Volume 3 Episode 11 of RWBY. I found the entire episode disappointing personally, though even more disappointing than that was what I found people took away from it. But the most disappointing thing was Miles’ comment on that episode during the scene where Yang confronts Adam, though I don’t remember if it was the Livestream or commentary.

Miles said Yang “learned her lesson”. Which I took to mean learning her lesson about recklessness. Volume 3 made a big effort of completely forgetting Yang’s previously shown skills and logical fallacies about how a purely strength boost would actually effect the way a fight would go. All for the sake of deconstructing her character in order to give her the most half-assed, lackluster “recovery arc” I’ve ever seen in Volume 4. Makes me question why even bother when they clearly didn’t give enough of a shit about it to give it even 20 minutes of time for a titular character.

But I’ll make a different post on that later, though I’ll preface by making it clear that I’m not denying Yang has a reckless tendency. Just that this episode wasn’t the big showing off it people think it is if you actually look at the situation. And if it was intended to be that showing then Miles and Kerry failed at understanding panic situations and it shows in the writing. But again, I’ll save that for later.

Right now I want to talk about the stupidity of pointing to the scene of her dismemberment and saying it was a sign of stupidity and recklessness. Of claiming it was a mistake and saying she needed to learn a lesson in recklessness.

Let’s look at what happened. Yang hears Blake scream in pain and looks to see Adam withdrawing his sword from her abdomen. He just stabbed Yang’s best friend and partner, someone she deeply cares about. She tells him to “get away from her”. And Adam responds by standing firm in a challenging posture. He’s not moving.

What do you think was going through Yang’s head? Looking at the comments on the episode, it seems many believe she was thinking “I’ll attack and my Aura and Semblance will win me the day”.

This is the thinking of an armchair critic, someone who expects people to respond to events in the manner they see it as observers, with perfect hindsight and detachment. Usually by someone who’s never been in a situation where a split second decision can mean life or death for you or someone you love.

In this situation, the only realistic thought that would be going through Yang’s head would be “Gotta get him away, get him away, GET HIM AWAY FROM HER!”

This is the thinking of someone who’s loved one is in danger. I’ve been in this situation. There isn’t time for thinking, just action.

As far as Yang knew, this man will kill Blake at any moment. There is no time to waste.

Yang acted in the only manner she could to save someone she cares about as fast as she could because as far as she knew he was going to kill her right then and there.

She had no time to do anything else. She didn’t have any other options to drive him off quickly either.

She couldn’t shoot because that’d hurt Blake as Yang’s only ammo has been shown to be spreadshot or explosive rounds. And Blake’s aura wouldn’t protect her as it was already weakened to the point Adam could stab her. Blake was behind him and slightly to the side. If he dodged, Blake would be hit. And if he by some miracle stood still, Blake would still be hit.

So she did the only thing she could to get the threat away from Blake as fast as possible. That’s not a mistake, that’s a shit situation. There’s a difference, sometimes you’re put in situations where everything works against you.

This is why Miles’ comment is stupid as fuck. Because the only lesson to be learned there is to never try and save anyone again. But he’s clearly never been in a life or death situation, so his ignorance is somewhat understandable. Or it would be if he wasn’t on a team of writers writing such situations.

Scarily enough, I’ve presented this explanation to people who claimed she was stupid and reckless before. Do you know what their final conclusion was? She should have let Blake die. That in the situation where risking her life was the only option to save Blake, the correct option would be to protect herself instead. Now, this is an understandable view from a civilian bystander​. It’s cowardly in my opinion, to choose to not risk your own life to save someone you love, but the average person isn’t held to that responsibility. And I can understand that.

But Yang isn’t a civilian bystander. At that moment she was a Huntress is training. She trained to save lives, she chose a profession that would put her life on the line constantly. The same as a fire fighter, police officer, or emergency rescue team. So choosing to abandon her partner to die would not be acceptable.


Miles’ comment was stupid as fuck.


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