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Commission Time!!!

Been a long time but I’m finally free and ready to start again. 

I reserve the right to decline commissions I am uncomfortable with and I am not taking nsfw requests. But, always feel free to chat with me, I would love an open discussion with all my commissioners.

Be aware that rates will change depending on what is requested. (ex. objects being held, armor, specific scenes/actions) I do require payment upfront, I am willing to negotiate price as long as it’s fair.

If you’re interested in commissions you can email me at

Commissions slots (first come first serve):

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The mirror monster. 

It takes a form similar to a man and wraps themselves in clothes to hide the dark matter they really are, walking among the humans in their good disguise. If ever needing to ‘disappear’ they just return back in the mirror.


I’ve had an AU in my mind for a while where the monsters aren’t Underground, but live up in a kingdom beyond the clouds. In said AU, Frisk is a rare human born with wings and lives among them, acting as a messenger of the skies with Sans and Papyrus. I’m calling the AU “Skytale”.

I plan to draw more of this AU, so expect more stories and character designs in the future!


We got the previews for the character songs along with the full OST list.
Note: These translations were done by the people at With The Will.

First up, the character songs.

1. Hallelujah, sung by Yumi Uchiyama and Kokoro Kikuchi as Haru and Gatchmon.
2. On Target @ Center Girl!, sung by Umeka Shoji and Motoko Kumai as Eri and Dokamon.
3. Wander Beat, sung by Shiho Kokido and Nao Tamura as Astra and Musimon.
4. Maze, sung by Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Daisuke Sakaguchi as Rei and Hackmon.
5. Slow Starter, sung by Makoto Furukawa and Yuu Shimamura as Yuujin and Offmon.
6. With You, sung by Yui Hori, Shoji Umeka, Inori Minase, and Rie Takahashi as Appliyama 470 members: Izumi, Eri, Alice, and Elena
7. A Pinky Promise Smile with an Explosive Punch, sung by Umeka Shoji as Eri.

And then we have the OST minus the opening and ending songs. There are spoilers, kinda.

1. There Are Only Some Apps That Are Monsters
2. Last Time On Appmon
3. Application-Based Life-forms Which Possess Artificial Intelligence
4. Haru and Gatchmon’s Daily Routine
5. Appliyama 470 Theme
6. Do You feel it? Or Don’t Ya? I’m Totally Feeling It!
7. Knight Unryuuji
8. Tea Time at the Secret Base
9. An Unengaging Conversation
10. A High-Spirited Puzzle Game
11. Cute Offmon
12. Hope and Expectation
13. Coldhearted Eyes of Surveillance
14. Panic Downtown- No!
15. L-Virus Infected Appmon
16. Into the AR Field
17. Infiltration- Hacking
18. Mienumon’s Scheme
19. Incident Outbreak- The Virus Appmon
20. In A Pinch! A Buddy That Never Gives Up
21. The Fear of An AI Driven Into A Corner
22. Strike Them Down with the Super AppLink
23. Cloud the Masked Man
24. Into the Deep Web
25. The Ultimate 4
26. The Threat of Leviathan
27. Shutmon’s Loss of Control
28. Difference in Power and the Fear of Death!
29. A Protagonist’s Suffering
30. For Everyone’s Smiles
31. A Blooming Heart
32. With Faith and Courage, We Can Do It!
33. To The Awakening of the God Appmon!
34. Surging Power! We Won’t Lose!
35. I’ll Protect Eri-chan
36. L-Virus Purification
37. Buddy Bond of Friendship
38. The Promised Tomorrow
39. Appmon Data Lab
40. Preview


Bibi and Chip

drawn in the following art styles:  Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, Ruby Gloom and Homestuck.

See the other set here.


Finally made myself an ACTUAL gemsona

He’s a pearl that belongs to a Herkimer Diamond and is friends with an enormous 6 armed Opal. He has a small crack in his gem, which is why he has those gross mouths on the sides. Hes also an annoying feisty little gremlin.

I didnt want to give him a normal spear, so I gave him an umbrella spear and light abilities ;^P

(Yes I know rainbow pearls dont actually “””exist”””)