monsters univerisity

I've decided to make three Ocs. So tell me, which three you like?

Which of these do you like ? By the end of today I’ll make the  accounts    of the winning three. (I might consider doing six of them, if you ask nicely)


she is is the leader of the  AEA (Argma slugma Argma)

personality:  Her traits are a mixure between Claire’s and Rosie’s.


He is the newest member of OK

Personality: He is a lot like Randy and Fungus. 


A member  of  Slugma Kappa Theta ( EKO)

Personality: Close to Brynns (Shy,sweet, kinda flirty)


Leader of EOP  

personality: A combination between Johnny and  Sulley


He is still is the dorm

Personality:  A mixture between Art and George


newest member of EEK 

Personality: She is basically a female version of Mike.


He is actually a Fear Tech student

Personality: Very nice, he will even make friends with Monsters University students, if they give him a chance.


Still lives in Dorms

Personality: A mixture between Terry and Squishy


A member of the EOP

Personality: Somewhere between Art and Chet


Still in Dorms

Personality: A mixture of Terri and Brock (though closer to Terri)


A member of OH 

Personality:  Bipolar, but genuinely nice and sincere. (when he takes his medications) XD