monsters under our beds


   ❝ We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when                           we realized that they were inside us.❞


                                            WRITTEN BY: AVERY


Following their disagreement, Jules decided to resort to revenge. 

Jules: Mommy, mommy, wake up!

Silvia: What is it Jules?

Jules: The monster under the bed is exploiting our kind nature by squatting in my bedroom! 

Silvia: What?

Jules: Please spray water on him, mommy so he’ll need to spend all morning cleaning up the mess that the water will cause!  

Snk Read Through - Chapter 12 Page 14.

If a non-human enemy appeared, humanity would probably unite and stop fighting itself.

A page that helps us to understand theme of the series.

Is that really so? If a non-human enemy appeared, humanity would really unite?

Of course not.

We humans are selfish, we tend to put ourselves and people we love above everything, we lie, we steal, we hate. We scare from sharks, monsters under our beds, giants, even clowns but if we take a look at ourselves we’d rather be scared of humans, instead of monsters. 2016 itself is a huge proof you know asdfg.

I think Shingeki no Kyojin series handles this theme wonderfully.

Chapter 37.

 Chapter 51.

Sergeant Gross is also helping us to understand that theme, Chapter 87.

Something like Utopia can not exist, no matter how much effort you put, no matter how hard you try because of human nature itself. I am sorry philosophers, Thomas Campanella, Francis Bacon, First King and many others but I am taking George Orwell’s side here, and so does Isayama. He mocks with classic themes in every single way possible.

Chapter 37.

The First King and his ideology, Chapter 65.

I know, Kruger also said First King wanted Eldia to fall, but still…

The island where the walls are not named Utopia for nothing, after all.

Chapter 87.

Isayama likes to mock classic themes, and I love that way of his. It makes this manga more realistic and more enjoyable.


and what if i told you
what becomes of peter pan and his lost boys?
it was this simple:
they grew up.


the monsters under our beds
didn’t go away, honey.
they were always there-
watching, waiting. teaching.

it remains to be seen
if the monsters are children
or if we, who were once children,
are monsters.


first, it was the dark.
then strange noises in the night.
heavy, drawn-out breaths,
clutching the blanket,
praying silently, please, please,
leave me alone, go away. please.

your first taste of fear, that.
you learnt how fragile life really is,
and what you have to do
in order to survive.

this is how your ancestors,
in the dim, starlit world
of the unwritten history,
clawed their way to the top.

it is not resilience,
that oft-praised human strength,
nor innovation. you know this:
it was fear.


fear kept you alive.
fear will, fittingly, be your end.

it will doom us all.


name one greek hero who was happy,
and you will came up with none.

name one hero who wasn’t afraid.


you grew up,
and neverland becomes never-neverland.
the letters you wrote are long-drawn,
meticulous, staged. faked.

they never told me how you truly feel.

you said, darling, i am fine, i am fine,
business is booming. we’ll never have
to work our asses off ever again.
not you, not me. we’ll live happily ever after.
i’ve paid the taxes. bureaucratic red tape
can be such a pain in the ass, isn’t it?

what if i told you,
i know that you’re lying?


you grew up.
the monsters made a permanent resident
out of the dusts and forgotten toys
under your bed.
the dark didn’t terrify you
no more than the ghosts did,
but you were still afraid.

and you’ll soon understand:
the monsters,
they morphed into something else
in our adult years.

there will be no happily ever after
for us.

—  the monsters under our beds, (s.p)
I don’t understand why we always look for monsters under our beds because the only monsters I’ve found were the ones lying right beside me. They held me close and pretended to protect me from the things that lurk in shadows so I didn’t realize I was supposed to protect myself from them until it was too late.
—  He told me he loved me so I thought I was safe -Jess Amelia
Our mothers tell us that
there are no monsters
under our beds,
or hidden inside our closets
but they don’t warn us
that sometimes monsters
come dressed as people
that claim to love you
more than the sun
loves the moon.
—  Nikita Gill, The Real Monsters