monsters u crossover

Pokemon SM x Monster Hunter Stories — cuz i’ll never not going to do MonHun-crossover for shits i love >w>)b 

Nanu with otomon Nargacuga cuz their name kinda goes well with each others pfft~  that, as well as Nargacuga looks like black panther; & panther = cat family = Nanu likes cats(meowth), so yep!! 8D;;; 

add in Melynx on last minute cuz eh why not? i also hv this feeling that Nanu will horde a whole lots of them as well XD


you’ve seen them doing everyday stuff, now you can see them hard at work scaring kids collecting screams supporting the economy

i stole the monsters inc logo off google. lets just say they all go on to work for the same scare company because its more fun if they’re all there????

the rest of the monstertalia crossover (includes them making Normal Faces)

EDIT: fixed natalia’s last name, im sorry belarus fans ive failed you

i tried to draw dave + karkat gem fusion??? idk i might change it but here. giant knight. their gem is fire opal

how the fuck do you combine a sword and a sickle. what weapon would that even make. idk i went for weird toothy sword