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I love Monster too and now I wanna read other works from the same author! The only thing I would have enjoyed to know more about is the twins' mother and what exactly made her leave her children behind (I may have missed that since I read the story pretty fast). I mean, Tenma is told the mother was taken away with her child, so what happens to her after Nina goes back home? However, I love we practically don't meet Johan until volume 8 even if his presence is constantly felt throughout the cont.

Hey Anon! Oh Gosh, I haven’t read Monster in a while but I rewatched a big part of the anime a few months ago so I hope I’ll be able to answer you xD

About the twins’ mother: it’s not exactly certain what happened after Nina/Anna was taken to go the Red Rose mansion (the story never really emphasized on this part) but, if I remember correctly, there might have been a hint or two that she quickly came back and told the twins that they had to “survive by themselves”, which is when they left the Three Frogs for the border.

About Nina/Anna and Johan: I remember how disturbed I was about the “two little girls” back when Nina was trying to recall what had happened, until we learnt that Johan was disguising as a girl to protect them both from Bonaparta… Poor kids, seriously.

Honestly though, while Nina definitely maintained a true identity outside of her brother’s shadow, the fact Johan kept on using her identity at some point + how he constantly referred to Nina/Anna as his “other self” (without mentioning some moments of his…ahem, uncanny behavior towards his sister) makes me think that she was a genuine part of Johan’s own identity (which is why he really wanted to go get her back for her 20th birthday + why he didn’t want to/couldn’t forget about her at Kinderheim 511).

Johan’s possible identity issue towards his sister might come from their mother’s decision on “that day” anyway, since we know that it unsettled Johan greatly not to know whether his mom saved him on purpose, or if she only confused him with his sister. :/ 

Anyway, their relationship is incredibly interesting (especially Johan’s point of view, but Nina’s final decision about her brother really moved me as well) and it’s definitely a part of why Monster is so good :D

Thanks for passing by Anon, have a nice day! ^_^