monsters of schlock


Stunt Testing #4: RC Escape - Monsters of Schlock (bytheMonstersofSchlock)

I love this series of videos by Ian’s friends Orbax and Sweet Pepper or as they are collectively known, the Monsters of Schlock. The first time I met Orbax he was showing my soon-to-be husband how to throw a throwing ax in my now brother-in-law’s backyard, something I wish I’d taken a crack at now (I could only have imagined myself accidentally and clumsily murdering someone). They are really funny and really talented and I love this whole series of videos (the one with  the bullet catch is a winner, well, they all are really).


Stunt Testing #3: Bullet Catch - Monsters of Schlock (by theMonstersofSchlock)

I am loving these. This one probably made me laugh out loud (hard) the most, so far. Please watch, share, etc.!


Stunt Testing #2: Human Ice Cube (by brettnikita)

“I’m having trouble picturing it.”


Stunt Testing #6: Mentalism - Monsters of Schlock (by the Monsters of Schlock)

“Does this come at some sort of price?”

“Technically yes. I can see into peoples’ minds and communicate with the dead, but I no longer have the capacity to feel joy.”

“…does anyone else notice the change?”


Stunt Testing #4: RC Escape - Monsters of Schlock (by theMonstersofSchlock)

“I’m building bridges here. I’m a uniter.”


Monsters of Schlock - “Microwave Hand” (by brettnikita)

Okay, yes, I know and love Orbax and Sweet Pepper in real life, but I would think this video is funny even if I didn’t. A lot of the reaction stuff is pretty priceless.