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started out as soft babies then went nausicaa? awawawaoaoaowaoao?? 

Pokemon SM x Monster Hunter Stories — cuz i’ll never not going to do MonHun-crossover for shits i love >w>)b 

Nanu with otomon Nargacuga cuz their name kinda goes well with each others pfft~  that, as well as Nargacuga looks like black panther; & panther = cat family = Nanu likes cats(meowth), so yep!! 8D;;; 

add in Melynx on last minute cuz eh why not? i also hv this feeling that Nanu will horde a whole lots of them as well XD

my version of pennywise’s true form got a massive revamp! now it looks cooler and a little more intimidating. my first design lacked many of the fearsome insect-like features, so i changed that! i love this new design far more than my first design. (size comparison under the cut) 

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i am not one of those people who are overly interested in the supernatural beings and monsters n shit,, so i’m so sorry if this disappoints anyone. i really don’t feel confident in this work and i’m not overly happy with it, but i’m going to post it anyway because bants 

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  • taeyong’s always been a vampire
  • it’s all you’ve ever known of him 
  • you never knew him before he got turned 
  • but both of you are okay with that 
  • cause hes like 
  • a couple of hundred years old so like 
  • yh 
  • ANYWAY so one day,, 
  • yall are just hangin out yknow its all casual 
  • n then he just goes 
  • “hey” 
  • and ur like “Hey???” 
  • n he gets all fidgety and cute 
  • blushy n flustered n all that good stuff 
  • youre like “wtf u good bro??” 
  • and he Blurts it out;; 
  • “would you ever want me to turn you?” 
  • “…”
  • when you go silent he gets hella nervous and hes like 
  • yo,,, 
  • did i fuck up?? 
  • WHAT
  • yknow 
  • “you don’t have to answer straight awa—“ 
  • “do it.” 
  • he’s shoCKED 
  • he didn’t think you’d say yes,,, 
  • it’s a Whole Lotta Commitment 
  • “are you sure?” 
  • “TAEYONG, yes i’m sure” 
  • he’s really happy about this aw 
  • it’s all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • like WOW, u want to spend all eternity with him 
  • well,, maybe 
  • but Hell Yeah u wanna be a vamp 
  • so yall get that over and done with, but then the real fun starts 
  • so yknow yall are super duper fast right? 
  • well, u use this to ur advantage 
  • u like to fuck with the rest of nct (monster!nct) 
  • more abt taeyong solely 
  • he’s still such a sweetheart 
  • like 
  • if any of his friends (or loved ones) are in trouble,,  he’s gonna do his best to stick up for u 
  • obvs if the enemy has a stake then he’s Gone 
  • when you get turned, though 
  • he’ll be amaing 
  • he’s pretty sure that the day you got turned is the happiest of his (very lengthy) life 
  • so like,, thats saying something 
  • but yo he’s the happiest vampire there is 
  • hes such a sweet bub i love 

modern monster crew au. tiny swole werewolf jeremy whose wolf form has a fluff of colorful fur. vampire geoff who mixes blood and booze in ridiculous cocktails. faerie gavin who is more in the crime scene for the lulz and the shiny things he can collect than any other reason and loves leaving weird faerie circles all over the city for random people to stumble into. shapeshifting dragon ryan who hoards weapons and books, breathes smoke when he’s flustered, likes it when he gets scratches between his wings because he can’t reach very well himself. forest nymph jack who wears floral patterns as a silly reference and has a tiny houseplant version of their huge old tree hidden somewhere. witch michael who harnesses fire in his very soul and can manipulate the minds of mortal men to his will. phoenix lindsay who keeps a humanoid form through a magic charm but burns forever, a dangerous duo with michael. 


                                               …and the fever began to spread
                                                 from my heart down to my legs
                                                    but the room was so quiet
                                            and although I wasn’t losing my mind
                                                   it was a chorus so sublime…

timpaxew  asked:

Monsters n' shit are a ton of fun to draw, ever tried to draw like Eldrich horrors and crap? So much fun to design

tentacles and extra eyes and eldritch stuff arenf rly my style im usually just full on beast


jikook at its finest