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( made sum more ocs yay )
Looks like li-mei is in a sticky situation..
Two girls at school have a crush on her and she doesn’t know what to do.
You got doken , a local school girl delinquent who is also the childhood friend of li-mei, she a flirt and can’t stand to see girls from her school get bullied.
The somewhat “evil” student councillor , mochi. Everyone at school fears her because of her demanding rules and is meanest towards the delinquents and popular girls.

This might just become a love triangle lol

Pokemon SM x Monster Hunter Stories — cuz i’ll never not going to do MonHun-crossover for shits i love >w>)b 

Nanu with otomon Nargacuga cuz their name kinda goes well with each others pfft~  that, as well as Nargacuga looks like black panther; & panther = cat family = Nanu likes cats(meowth), so yep!! 8D;;; 

add in Melynx on last minute cuz eh why not? i also hv this feeling that Nanu will horde a whole lots of them as well XD

modern monster crew au. tiny swole werewolf jeremy whose wolf form has a fluff of colorful fur. vampire geoff who mixes blood and booze in ridiculous cocktails. faerie gavin who is more in the crime scene for the lulz and the shiny things he can collect than any other reason and loves leaving weird faerie circles all over the city for random people to stumble into. shapeshifting dragon ryan who hoards weapons and books, breathes smoke when he’s flustered, likes it when he gets scratches between his wings because he can’t reach very well himself. forest nymph jack who wears floral patterns as a silly reference and has a tiny houseplant version of their huge old tree hidden somewhere. witch michael who harnesses fire in his very soul and can manipulate the minds of mortal men to his will. phoenix lindsay who keeps a humanoid form through a magic charm but burns forever, a dangerous duo with michael. 

ideas if the boys mutated into murderous monsters.

Mark would be the sadistic one, unable to truly quench his bloodthirst. He’d kill the others in gruesome ways, making their suffering as prolonged as possible. He’d be the cat playing with his victims. He’d make them think they were getting away, allowing each other to save one another, but it’d all be a ploy to weaken them. With Jack, he’d have a hell of a time before the ultimate sacrifice commences. He also might be a bit of a cannibal, that is unconfirmed. 

Jack would be the one who’d murder the shit out of the others, specifically Bob and Wade, but seeing as in a previous life where he wasn’t snapped, he was super best friends with Mark, he’d be unable to really murder Mark. That doesn’t exclude imprisonment and torment, however. Jack thinks he’s being nice by keeping Mark alive, but what does a mutant really know anyway? He doesn’t want to hurt him, but Mark is constantly trying to escape, so he’s forced to lock him up so he doesn’t get lost in the wilderness alone and scared and cold. Jack’s totally helping him…

Apologies, but I am unfamilar with Bob and Wade’s personalities to make up their monster sides. :/

ooh man, I am unsure if I will draw these, but I’m liking where my brain is going.. Also, I’m sorry, all these boys are too precious to hurt. <3 


A/N: Holy shit guys. This took forever to get up, because I’m a monster when it comes to posting.

Prompt: Hi! I just wanted to say that i enjoyed the Bad Words oneshot and I think you did an amazing job. If you aren’t too busy could you do a oneshot with Steve and the reader where they go rogue on a mission and he gets upset and they argue but fluff? ❤

Steve x Reader

Warnings: Some language; that’s about it.

“Y/N, what the hell are you doing now?” Steve asked, exasperated. Apparently, he wasn’t feeling very patient. Too bad you’re not ready to go yet.

“I’m making sure that there’s no footage of us on the security cams, there Cap.” You say, popping the ‘P’ on Cap. Looking over at him, you give him a bright smile, and continue to tap away on your computer.

“You have about 20 seconds before I leave. With the jet. With or without you.” He says, moving to stand by the door and take watch.

“Like you’d leave without me.” You snorted over your shoulder, your Y/E/C eyes sparkling. You liked being an Avenger, and one of your favourite parts was annoying Steve. As much as humanly possible.

“Alright, alright. You got me.” Steve said with a twinkle in his eye, and a smile pulling at his lips. Blowing a kiss at him, you turn back to the screens and froze, staring at something that made your blood run as cold as ice. Tasting bile in the back of your throat, you swallowed thickly, feeling goose bumps raise on your arms. How could this be?

“Doll? What’s wrong?” You could hear Steve ask, concern showing in his voice.

Looking up with huge eyes, you try and compose your face into a mask of indifference instead of what you really felt. Nodding tersely at Steve, you close the programs you were using on the computers and walk over to his side feeling like you were going to throw up.

“Y/N, are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, brushing the back of his hand against your cheek earning a tense smile from you.

“Just peachy.” You said through gritted teeth.

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