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was completely blessed to have seen bts tonight in chicago, absolutely love the boys and i’m so freaking proud of them and their amazing show. i hope everyone can see them at some point because it’s an incredible experience, and i wish them all the best luck and success in the future. they deserve it. love you boys ❤

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What's some good romance manga to read I'm kinda new to reading manga and want some good ones to read

ooooo romance eh? 

Ouran high school host club is quite good (the anime as well!)

Horimiya is basically required reading for that genre (hopefully an anime someday…)

Oh and, if you don’t mind yuri, there’s a new one (started like… mid-last year!) called “Bright and cheery amnesia” which is a little bit for older peeps (18+!) but it’s suuuuper cute. 

if you don’t mind yuri and also don’t mind not exactly manga, there’s a manhua (kind of like Chinese Manga) that’s being translated that i love called “their story” over here!

I hope that’s enough!

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wAIT SHIT I forgot to gush to you about Kiss the Baker and The Siren and the Sea Monster! I LOVED Kiss the Baker, it's so fluffy and the way Dean explored his sexuality was so sweet and positive, it's a very good fic. And The Siren and the Sea Monster!!! Lord! Can I just say, I fucking LOVE Octo!Cas, it's my guilty pleasure, and your fic was so good!! Everything you write just gives me heart eyes. Ok, now I'm done :D

Kiss the Baker is the fic of my heart, Nonny.  I have a printed copy of it signed by Jensen and Misha sitting in a glass case with all my expensive knickknacks.  Every time someone says they love it, I feel like I’m being hugged.  So thank you for that.

Also, tentacle porn ftw, amirite? :D 

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I love Monster !!! Its the best fanfic out there so I have high hopes for it. So far you managed to surpass my expectation because each chapter keeps getting better and better.. I just hope it won't end in a cliche way since its very different from all the other fanfic what makes it stand out even more.I wish you good luck with writing it and I am SUPER DUPER excited about the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!! I hope you will like what I do with the rest of the story! I’m glad you’re excited :)

gosh i love monsters so much



people like them in a “woAH THAT’S SO SICK AND VICIOUS HE COULD RIP MY DICK OFF ANY DAY” kind of way

but me?

show me a creature with more compound eyes, external organs, pincers, and pharyngeal jaws than an h.r. giger artwork and i’ll be like,

“henlo little friend!!! are u lost??? let me protect u small child who is ten feet taller than me. i’ll give u a warm blanket and a nice glass of milk!!! so perfect, so pure. *smooch*”