monsters love



  • * in the bedroom *
  • Namjoon: two bros chillin in a bed 5 feet apart cuz they are not g-
  • Jin: Namjoon
  • Namjoon:
  • Jin: we're married
  • Jin: You literally kissed me five minutes ago

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Sansgoriel aka Heveanlylifedeath IDEA!; Instead of vringing Reapertale Toriel to the underworld, RT! Sans decides to bring RT! Tori's soul to the one person who misses her as much as he did, RT! Asgore and Gorey tearfully thanks Sans and calls the reaper a good person and Sans tries not to cry himself as he and Asgore embrace Tori's soul together, patiently waiting for her to reform...

please come home.


Parts of my short film for a piece written by David Olimpio.

Our language is our truth. It is our world. It is our god. Is there thought—is there anything—without a word to describe it? Has there ever been? Words are how we understand one-another. They are how we love. And at the same time, they are how we lie. They are how we misinform. They are how we hate.